Celebrities Hairstyles: Jessica Simpson

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How can I get a Jessica Simpson hairstyle?

Celebrities Hairstyles: Jessica Simpson

Over the past several years, Jessica Simpson has been photographed with many beautiful hairstyles. Although these styles seem difficult to achieve, with a few simple tips these looks are simple to pull off. Here's a guide to achieving Jessica Simpson's hairstyles.

Short and curly. Set your hair in rollers and apply a spray on gel to set the curls. Then, remove the curlers and gently comb your hands through the locks to loosen. Set the look with a shine-enhanced setting agent.

Long and Flowing. Jessica made having long hair look easy. To achieve her “just back from the beach” look, apply a smoothing cream after you get out of the shower. Then, curl the ends of your hair outward – very slightly. Comb your hair behind your ears, leaving a couple locks falling forward.

Layered and simple. Have your hairstylist cut your hair to mid-length in nice, even layers. Also, have her cut bangs – long enough to easily brush to the side. Use a curling iron to kick the ends under and apply a setting spray with anti-frizz and shine ingredients.



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