Celebrities Hairstyles: Nicole Richie

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How can I get a Nicole Richie hairstyle?

Celebrities Hairstyles: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie has worn may different hairstyles over the years – most looking gorgeous and sleek. Although Nicole has the benefit of a stylist, you can achieve these looks with a few simple steps. Here a quick guide to Nicole Richie's hairstyles.

Long Blond Bob. The mid-length bob has become a Hollywood favorite for many celebrities. To achieve this look, have your stylist cur your hair to the shoulders, angling the layers (with the shortest layers in back). Then, have her cut a bang that hits a little below the brow line. Finish off by applying a smoothing balm and using a flat iron to make the bob straight as a pin.

Dark and long. Although Nicole Ritchie is blonde most of the time, she also looks beautiful as a brunette. Achieve her long flowing look by growing your hair to about 2-3 inches above your elbows. Next, have your hairstylist cut a long flowing bang that can be easily brushed off the side. Keep your hair from looking like its dragging by curling the ends gently and applying a shine agent.



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