Black Hairstyles: Getting Jennifer Hudson's Style

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How can I get a sophisticated black hairstyle?

Black Hairstyles: Getting Jennifer Hudson's Style

Jennifer Hudson's hair has never looked better. Setting trends for black hairstyles, Hudson sports a short bob that looks sophisticated and soft at the same time. Achieve this look by partnering with your stylist to create a blunt bob with extra shine. Here's a quick guide to achieving a sheek hairstyle like Jennifer Hudson.

Bring a picture to your stylist. The first step in achieving Jennifer Hudson's style is bringing a photo in. This will help your stylist understand exactly what you want – eliminating any miscommunication.

Get the blunt look. Ask your stylist to use a blunt cut technique on your hair; cutting the hair to chin length and straight across the brow line.

Keep it straight. Use a spray-on gel and straight iron to maintain the sleek look at home. You can also use a shine serum for a softer look.

Also, when looking for an African American hairstyles, check out style magazines in the grocery aisle. There is a gold mine for hair ideas.



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