Celebrity Hair Photos: Top 3 Hairstyles

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How can I achieve celebrity hairstyles?

Celebrity Hair Photos: Top 3 Hairstyles

Achieving a celebrity hairstyle is easy for the stars. But you can get one of these hot looks with a few simple tips. Read on to learn about glamorous looks based on the hottest celebrity hairstyle photos.

Heidi Klum's wavy locks. When Heidi Klum appeared on David Letterman, you couldn't help but look at her hair. Beautiful long locks skimming her shoulders, looking more glamorous then ever. You can achieve this look at home by getting a layered haircut with long bangs. Then, roll your hair in curlers using spray gel to set the look. Take out the curlers, spray in shine serum and you've got Heidi Klum's locks.

Jessica Simpson's wavy hair. If you have super long hair, go for Jessica Simpson's long and wavy look. If your hair isn't naturally wavy put your hair in a pony tail and create long spiraling curls. With each curl, spray gel to keep the locks in place.

Alicia Keys' fun updo. Achieve a beautiful updo by spiraling your hair up and securing with a clip. Then pull out two strips of hair – braiding each and securing with bobby pins. Pull down a few locks and curl for a beautiful look. Spray with a setting gel to hold it in place.



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