Jennifer Aniston's Hairstyles: Tips for Getting the Look

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How can I get Jennifer Aniston’s Hairstyles?

Jennifer Aniston's Hairstyles: Tips for Getting the Look

Jennifer Aniston has always been the friend with the perfect hair. Her long cascading curls create a beach look that is casual and glamorous at the same time. Read on to learn how to get Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles.

Grow your hair long. Achieve Jennifer's look by growing your hair about five inches past your shoulders. Getting regular trims during this process will help keep your hair looking healthy. Plus, it will grow more quickly.

Use an anti-frizz product. When getting out of the shower, apply an anti-frizz cream. This will get rid of those fly aways that can make hair look messy and unruly.

Use a large barrel curling iron. If you don't have natural waves in your hair, use a large barrel curling iron to make locks through your hair. Then, apply celebrity hair care products like saltwater spray by John Frieda to complete the look.



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