Medium Hairstyles: Simple and Fun Looks

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How can I find medium length hairstyles?

Medium Hairstyles: Simple and Fun Looks

Many celebrities are opting for medium hairstyles in super glamorous styles. Read on to learn tips for creating hairstyles that make your hair look fun and sleek.

Messy Ponytail. A messy pony tail can look super cute with medium hair that's layered. Keep the look sleek by spraying a shine mist on your hair. And use a fun clip to hold your hair back.

Artsy medium hairstyle. Get super choppy layers to create a hipster look. Have your hair stylist cut a super straight bang; making the look fun and unconventional.

Color layering. Layering the color in your hair looks great on medium length hair. Create a long bob and have your stylist use two to three shades of color for contrast.

Classic Red Carpet. Have your hairstylist create a long bang and layers in your hair. Then, create a glamorous style by using hot rollers and setting with gel. Complete the look with a finishing spray with shine. This will achieve a classic celebrity medium hair style.



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