Women's Hairstyles: Fine Hairstyles for Fine Hair

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Women's Hairstyles: Fine Hairstyles for Fine Hair

If you ask most women with fine hair they're likely to confess they've cursed their skimpy locks at one time or another. But having fine hair doesn't mean there aren't fabulous women's hairstyles out there just waiting for you.

Go Short

While adding too many layers to fine hair can make hair lay flatter than a pancake, having longer layers on top and cropped on the sides and back is a great women's hairstyle for fine hair. Sienna Miller's pixie hairstyle is a perfect example of how to look fine with a less than flowing mane.

Medium Manes

Women's hairstyles such as Kelly Ripa's bob hairstyle make the most of well placed layers. The key is to keep the layering long and subtle, using only enough to create movement and a point of interest. Kelly Ripa's hairstyle is a one length bob with long layers only in front to create the illusion of a swept bang. Use hair products that promote shine and smoothness and enlist a large vent brush or oval brush for blow drying.

Long is Fine

Long women's hairstyles can work with fine hair if it's kept one length and volume is coaxed with the aid of a large brush and volumizing hair products. Those who go this route should also add color to their hair to boost volume and add interest. Emily Proctor from CSI: Miami is a shining example of how those with fine hair don't have to sacrifice length for style.



1/25/2008 6:04:40 PM
Alli said:

I have fine thin hair and want to grow it long. Whenever I keep it one legnth I can't get the volume I need. I find that a piecy layered look is best for volume, making my hair look thicker.


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