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How can I keep my long hair out of my face?

Ashlee Simpson's Braid

Ashlee Simpson has been photographed recently out and about with her long hair in braids. This time tested style is perfect for keeping hair off the face. Braids are also versatile; they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Braids can be a gorgeous hairstyle on the right person. For Ashlee, braids show off her face, drawing the attention off of her hair and putting it squarely on her pretty complexion and big eyes. Before wearing this style out, you will want to make sure it flatters your head. Also remember, don't try this look in the middle of a breakout or other complexion crisis.

For a beautiful French braid, brush your hair straight back from your face, or like Ashlee, brush it from a diagonal across the crown of your head. To form the braid, section off a small area at the very front of the hair and split it in three. Then cross the sections one at a time. For an underhand braid like Ashlee's (one that shows the body of the braid), cross the sections by passing them under one another. For a traditional French braid, pass the hair over itself (so the body of the braid is hidden). Next, take a little more hair in each section every time as you pass it under. The hair will create a beautiful French braid. Keep in mind, you will probably have to smooth the hair from time to time as you are braiding, so keep a comb nearby.

As you finish, you will run out of hair. Keep braiding to the end of the hair. Then, you can leave this long braid loose, or you can pin it up and out of the way with some bobby pins. To finish off the style, spray all over with shine enhancing spray to keep the hair in place.


Ready to Let Go of Your Long Hair?

When you are ready to cut off your beautiful long hair, take a tip from Ann Curry and Katie Couric. When Ann was ready to let her hair go, Katie helped out by cutting off over ten inches of it on live television to donate to Locks of Love.

When you donate your healthy hair of ten inches or more, you are donating a life changing resource. For children with alopecia (a disease in which one loses their hair) inducing conditions, a hairpiece can be the key to their self-esteem. Locks of Love provides the hairpieces either on a sliding scale, or completely free of charge depending on the child's financial need.

To donate your hair like Ann, you must be able to cut off a ponytail that is at least ten inches long. Layered hair is acceptable, as long as the longest layer reaches at least the ten inch requirement. Your hair can be colored or permed, but not bleached. If you aren't sure about your hair, ask your cosmetologist. Have the hair cut and put into a ponytail. Sometimes it is easiest to create the ponytail while your hair is still attached, then cut the ponytail just above the elastic. Hair that has fallen to the floor is not acceptable, so let your cosmetologist know you will be donating the hair. Many stylists are familiar with Locks of Love and will already know exactly what to do. Put the hair in a plastic zipper bag in a padded envelope and include a donor form. You can get the donor form and any other information you need at the Locks of Love website.

When you look in the mirror next time, you can smile knowing your new short cut not only looks great, but you have done your part to help a child in need.

What can I use to make my latina hair more controllable?

Long Latina Hair

Latin beauties often find they are mortal enemies with their hair. Yet celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendez and Eva Longoria always seem to have perfectly gorgeous hair.

Now, before you decide to just shave it off a' la Britney Spears and go with a wig--or curse the mane that comes naturally with your heritage, remember that these ladies have entire armies of hair professionals armed with the very best products ready to go to war with their tresses. But, that doesn't mean that with a little care and some patience you too cannot have beautiful hair that flatters your exotic features.

Start by realizing your hair probably has something naturally that most other people lack--body. So whether you wear your hair straight or curly, you have an edge on almost everyone else with long hair.

To wear your hair curly, your best bet is to go with a product line that is designed to work with your curls from shampoo to finished style. Lines like L'Oreal's Studio Line or John Frieda's Frizz Ease are designed to make curly hair look great without weighing it down. To get great hair at home, wash and condition, then while your hair is still damp use a generous amount of mousse all over the hair. After your hair air dries, run some laminate like John Frieda's Frizz Ease Hair Serum through it, or apply some L'Oreal Shine Spray and gently scrunch all over. Both products are designed to enhance shine and ward off frizz.

To wear your hair straight, try a product like Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny line. This will get your hair ready. Shampoo and condition, then blow dry while pulling the hair straight. Next, run a high quality flat iron, like a Sedu, through the hair in small sections. After your hair is straight, use a little laminate to enhance shine and reduce frizz. Finally, a little hair spray will help keep your style in place.

Remember that whether you wear your long hair straight or curly, you still need to make regular trips to your stylist for deep conditioning treatments and trims that will keep frizz at bay and eliminate split ends.

Should I cut my hair to look younger?

Looking Younger with Younger Looking Hair

If you are looking around and noticing that your friends are suddenly looking older than you want to look, take a look at their hair. Is it shorter than it used to be? It tends to be the trend with women to cut our hair shorter as we age. Maybe we do this simply because at that age we want a no nonsense look that is quick and easy. But take a good look. Doesn't this inclination toward short hair also carry with it the tendency to show our age?

Take a look at Hollywood's modern 40-somethings. Notice anything about their look? What you should notice is the fact that the youngest looking of them often have beautiful long hair that puts many of the younger set's tresses to shame. Just look at Marcia Cross and Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives. Their long healthy long hair takes years off their look. Do you need even more convincing? Then take a look at the seemingly ageless likes of Jayne Seymour and Sophia Lauren. What do you see? Long beautiful hair.

You can fend off the hands of time a little too by growing out your hair. Try to get it to grow past your shoulders at the least. If you find that it is thinner than it once was, clip-in extensions can add volume without damaging the hair you have. If you find pesky gray hairs, see your colorist for regular visits or try one of the new home treatments for covering gray. Products that simply cover gray are less damaging and last through anywhere from 6-20 or more washes.

What if I want to make my long hair dark?

Nicky Hilton's Long Dark Hair

Nicky Hilton is one of the celebs to break the blond mold recently and go with a darker, richer shade for her hair. The soft, deep brunette hue makes Nicky's bright blue eyes really stand out.

To get a look like Nicky's you will need to discuss your color options and try some different colors against your face to choose a brunette that is right for you. Choose a shade that compliments both your skin and your eyes. Once your hair is colored, you will want to use products like Pureology that will keep that color looking fresh.

To get a style like Nicky's, have your hair cut in long layers and wear it parted in the middle. Set hair on hot rollers all over and let it fall into soft waves. Use a little laminate all over to enhance shine and eliminate frizz. Remember overuse of laminates can make your hair look greasy so use just a pea size drop at a time. You can always add more, but once you overdo, you will have to wash your hair and start over to get it out.

How can I take advantage of my long curly hair?

Shakira's Long Wild Waves

Columbian born singer Shakira takes full advantage of her naturally curly hair, by making it a part of her signature look. She proves you don't always have to spend tons of time trying to straighten and otherwise tame your curly hair. While she does on occasion wear it up for very formal occasions, it is always down when she is performing. By leaving her hair long and wild, she incorporates it into her personality, and her hair is one of the things that makes Shakira, Shakira.

To take advantage of your long curly or very wavy hair like Shakira, you simply need to take some steps to take care of your mane. Shampoo with a shampoo made for curly hair, or one made to pamper dry hair, as naturally curly hair is often naturally dry as well. Use a leave-in treatment like Infusium 23 on freshly washed and conditioned hair. While nothing will repair truly damaged hair, products like Infusium fill in damaged "gaps" on the hair strand, making it appear stronger and less frizzy. Next, use a generous amount of mousse designed to handle this kind of hair. John Frieda's Frizz Ease mousse comes highly recommended. Coat all your hair with the mousse and let it air dry. Once your hair is dry, use a little laminate or shine enhancing hair spray throughout, to enhance shine and control frizz.

Also, don't forget that though you are taking advantage of your long naturally curly hair, you will still need to visit your stylist regularly. She should give you deep conditioning treatments and trim off the split ends that can ruin any look.

How do I get Hillary Duff's classic ponytail look?

Hillary Duff's Classic Ponytail

Hillary Duff knows how to make classic styles work for her. The simple ponytail she has been spotted wearing lately is no exception. To get a look like Hillary's, you need to have straight or straightened hair that is well past your shoulders. Also, when your hairstyle is this simple, jazz up your look the way Hillary does by wearing some dazzling earrings.

To get the hair ready for the ponytail, run it through a flat iron. Make sure you run it through in sections small enough that the flat iron can handle them. Then put just a few drops of a laminate like John Frieda's Frizz Ease Hair Serum in your palms and, keeping it away from your scalp, work it through the body of your hair. This will add shine and prevent fly-aways. Next, spray a little shine enhancing hair spray directly onto your brush and run it through your hair, pulling back from the front and bringing the hair together at the base of your skull. You can pull straight back, or create a part and work your hair back from the part. At the base where your hair is gathered, pull out a small section underneath before pulling the rest through a non-damaging elastic. Be certain to keep the hair smooth as you work. Once the hair is in place, take the small section you left out previously, and wrap it around the elastic until the elastic does not show. Then pin the end into the ponytail from underneath. Finish this style off by spraying all over with shine enhancing spray.

Remember--this simple and classic style complements you best when your face is looking beautiful. Don't try this look while you are in the middle of a breakout or other complexion crisis.

I have chin length hair but I love all the long hairstyles I see. I’m thinking about getting hair extensions but I’m worried about getting them put in and the cost. Any suggestions?

Instant Long Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions

With so many fabulous hairstyles of all lengths, many women may feel like they're missing the boat by sticking with one length. Thanks to the new breed of natural looking and affordable hair extensions, long hairstyles can be instantly achieved with just a few well-placed pieces. The versatility of these hair extensions lets you add a little length or a whole lot by simply clipping in the pieces to your existing hair. There's no commitment or time in a salon so you can change your look from one day to the next instantly.

Those with chin-length hair or longer can add these pieces to create layered bobs, shoulder length waves or a mane of straight thick hair. The pieces are clipped underneath your existing hair and depending on the length of hair extensions you choose, you can use them to add volume or create long hairstyles by using pieces several inches longer than your natural hair.

When choosing hair extensions to create your long hairstyles, try splurging on actual human hair extensions. They are of better quality, look more natural and style just like you grew the hair yourself. You'll have to treat them like real hair and wash them with a gentle shampoo and conditioner, as well as protect the pieces against styling damage. If you can't afford the real thing, try a high-quality synthetic version. Today's synthetic hair extensions have come a long way and will still give you great looking long hairstyles.

What is the best way to color and lengthen my hair?

Ashlee Simpson's Blond and Beautiful Hair

Ashlee Simpson's long blond hair is the envy of many. The long flowing tresses that hang over her shoulders and down her back are truly a sight to behold. But, the color is almost definitely chemically enhanced and the length is probably the result of extensions, courtesy of the line her stylist Ken Paves and big sister Jessica endorse, Hair-U-Wear.

Now that you're feeling better about not yet growing Lady Godiva like locks, let's take a look at how you too can get an Ashlee Simpson type of look.

The quickest ways to gorgeous, long blond hair are indeed extensions and a good colorist. With any luck, your cosmetologist will be skilled in both, which will make it much easier for you. Tell your cosmetologist exactly the look you are going for. Don't be shy. It will be easier for her to give you what you want if you are clear from the start as to what you are looking for.

Once you have the length and color in place, copying Ashlee's look becomes a matter of style. Do you like Ashlee's stick straight hair? Try running your hair through a high quality flat iron like a Sedu. Section off the hair, and start at the base of your skull. Don't try to get more hair into the flat iron than it can easily handle. It will just cause you to have to go back and do it over. It will be faster and easier on your hair to use reasonable sections and only have to go through the hair once. If you prefer long soft waves, set hair on large hot rollers or curl all over with a large barrel curling iron. Once again, section hair off and only curl as much as the rollers or iron can handle. When your style is almost ready, add a little shine and control frizz with a product like L'Oreal Studio Line's Shine Spray. To keep your style and color fresh, make regular appointments with your cosmetologist so she can touch up your roots and trim off those split ends.

I have fine hair and I can’t decide whether to wear it short or long. What types of styles will work best with my hair type?

Ashlee Simpson's Hairstyles: Styles For Fine Hair

Those with fine hair often find themselves cursing their limp locks. While fine hair does present some styling challenges, there are some great hairstyles out there that work well with this type of hair. Look at Ashlee Simpson's hairstyles, for example. Her hair is naturally fine, but she works with this texture to create a multitude of both short and long hair hairstyles that look amazing.

A bob hairstyle with razored ends works great for fine hair that is either straight or curly. The straight bobbed version of Ashlee Simpson's hairstyles is a sleek cut that falls slightly past the chin. This style works great for those with either oval or round faces and is super easy to create. Simply apply a light weight styling lotion or mousse to damp hair and blow dry straight with a vent brush. Finish off this sleek style by touching up with a flat iron.

Long hair hairstyles can also work great on fine hair if you've got the right cut behind it. Ashlee Simpson's hairstyles have long layers when it's shoulder length or longer to create volume and movement. Use a volumizing mousse to create lift at the roots when blow drying. You can wear this style smooth by using a flat iron or pump up your curls with a large barreled curling iron for a tousled look. The super choppy bangs that are so prevalent in Ashlee Simpson's hairstyles help hide a large forehead and frame the face.

How can I get long hair like Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay Lohan's Long & Lovely Locks

If anyone in Hollywood today has beautiful hair it is Lindsay Lohan. The I Know Who Killed Me star's hair has been hanging halfway down her back since before she became a household name. In the last few years, it has been light blond, deep brunette and her own gorgeous natural red.

If you would like hair like Miss Lohan's you need to treat it right. Hair that reaches this length naturally requires a good diet for it to grow quick and strong, and quality products to take care of it. If you are going to grow your hair, try to do as little with it as possible during the growing out process. That means no coloring or perming at all, and as little heat styling as possible. This will keep it healthy and prevent breakage. Even hair styling products and many elastics intended to help you put your look together can cause drying and damage to the hair shaft. So you honestly need to do as little as possible to it as it grows. This is even more important if you know you want to color your hair when it reaches the right length, because virgin hair is most predictable when it comes to color. When your hair reaches the length you like in beautifully healthy shape, you and your cosmetologist will appreciate it.

If you simply don't have the time or the patience to grow your hair out to Lohan like lengths, extensions are a reasonable solution. Today's stylists can give you several options when it comes to deciding the best type of extensions to suit your needs.

To get a soft all-over wave like Lindsay's, set your hair in large hot rollers. When they come down, a few drops of a laminate like John Frieda's Frizz Ease will add shine and control fly-aways. Remember, even though your goal is sexy long hair, you will need to visit your cosmetologist about every six weeks for a trim. Removing split ends before they become a problem is important to keeping your hair looking healthy.

What are the most popular hairstyles right now?

Curls Are Prominent In This Season's Latest Hairstyles

The days of stick straight hair are so over. Waves and curls are taking the lead in this season's latest hairstyles. Everyone from Sheryl Crow to Christina Aguilera are sporting fabulous curls of all shapes and sizes. Those with thicker hair, such as American Idol runner-up Katherine McPhee, can achieve curl bliss by using volumizing hair products on damp hair and blow drying the hair upside down. Use a large barreled curling iron to spiral the hair from the chin down. Use pomade to increase the shine and texture of the curls.

Those with medium texture hair, like CSI: Miami's Emily Procter, can instantly create the latest hairstyles with a set of hot rollers. Wrap dry hair in medium-sized hot rollers and allow the rollers to cool. Remove the rollers and finger comb waves into place. Finish off with a light hold hairspray to keep those waves fresh.

Fine hair can also get in on the action. Anne Heche creates tousled waves with a curling iron. Apply a lightweight styling product to damp hair and blow dry with a large round brush. Use a medium to large curling iron to create waves in the bottom two thirds of the hair. Flip head upside down and spray roots with a light hold hairspray to create volume and finger comb waves into place.

I love Lindsay Lohan’s hair, especially the color changes she does. Can you give any tips on how to get some of her hair colors?

The Many Colors of Lindsay Lohan's Hairstyles

When it comes to hair color chameleons, Lindsay Lohan's hairstyles are certainly ranked at the top. She has appeared with hair colors ranging from deep chocolate brown to light blondes. The key to hair color success is choosing shades that work with your skin tone. Since Lindsay is naturally very light in skin tone (with freckles), she needs warmer colors to avoid looking washed out.

If you have a similiar skin tone and want to go dark with your hair color, be sure to use a warm color. Lindsay Lohan's dark brown hairstyles always have a subtle undertone of red to them. This helps warm up her pale complexion. Try dark to medium red or golden browns for the best results.

Lindsay Lohan's hairstyles are best known for their reds. Lindsay puts her best hair color forward when she chooses light to medium auburn colors. These colors are close to her natural hair color and work wonders with her skin tones. Those with any natural red to their own hair color will do well with an auburn shade — as long as it's not too dark. Avoid extremely vivid reds as they tend to make you look pale.

Lindsay also knows how to have fun as a blonde. The trick to choosing the right blonde is to avoid going too pale or too gold. Lindsay Lohan has been a light beige blonde that had warm undertones to it. Going platinum will wash out a pale complexion, but that added bit of warmth will do wonders. Look for any blondes that are light golden or beige in tone for the best results.

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