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I’d love to wear some of the cool hair accessories out there but I’m never quite sure when and how to wear them. Do you have any tips?

Elegant Women's Hairstyles Using Hair Accessories

They say it's all in the details and when it comes to elegant women's hairstyles the right hair accessory can make all the difference. The problem is some women don't know which accessories to use to create the right look and end up missing the mark. Here's a quick guide to choosing the right accessory for the look you want.

Vintage hair clips are hugely popular and a sure fire bet for those who are accessory shy. A 1920's inspired hair pin can be used to pull one side of wavy women's hairstyles back or act as the crowing glory when several are run above the hairline like a tiara. This look works for formal occasions or to compliment a more casual but vintage style dress.

Need the perfect accompaniment to that awesome sun dress? Nothing says summer like colorful flower hair accessories. You can go bold with a large white rose or fuchsia orchid and really make heads turn. For those who like their flower hair accessories on the subtle side try adding one or two petite orchid or peony hair clips to a low lying chignon.

If you're looking for something that is out of the ordinary and makes updos a snap try using hair sticks. There are dozens of women's hairstyles that can be created with the use of hair sticks. These work both for casual outfits or you can use a pair of ornately decorated ones for an elegant event. It takes a little practice but once you have the hang of it you can create sophisticated updos quickly and wear fabulous hair accessories all at the same time.

I love hair accessories. What's a hot hair accessory that Celebrities are wearing?

The Headband: The Great Celebrity Hair Accessory

Looking for a hot celebrity hair accessory for your hairstyle? Try going the route of Paris Hilton or Anne Hathaway and use a sleek headband.

Paris Hilton's hairstyle makes use of a headband to sleek back her chin length bob. This works great for making a casual hairstyle more elegant or fixing a bad hair day when your tresses just won't behave. The key is to keep the headband low key. Try using a thin to medium thickness back, velvet headband for a glamorous event or a barely there headband that blends with your hair color for a casual affair.

Anne Hathaway's hairstyle at the Golden Globes is a perfect example of using a headband to perfect a hairstyle. Anne Hathaway's hairstyle was swept back into a Grecian updo with a headband used to keep her heavy bangs up and off her face. Anytime you're looking for a sleek and sophisticated look try using this favorite celebrity hair accessory. A headband looks great and works perfectly to keep any shorter layers around your face at bay.


Hair Extensions: A Celebrity's Best Friend

For those who love to change their hair like they change their accessories, hair extensions are the answer. Many celebrities use hair extensions to give them instant gratification when it comes to their hair length and you can too.

Mandy Moore's hairstyle goes from short to long instantly with the addition of hair extensions. To get this look buy layered hair extensions that match your own hair color as closely as possible and use them to create layered length to your shorter style.

Kelly Clarkson's hairstyle at the Grammy's was made full and long thanks to hair extensions. If you have fine hair adding hair extensions of varying lengths can boost volume. Simply use clip on extensions and place them underneath your real hair's layers and then style as usual.

For the easiest use of hair extensions follow the pony tail trend and get Charlize Theron's hairstyle. The look is both classic and sexy and only required that your hair be long enough to brush back and held by an elastic. Then add a clip on piece to your existing ponytail and instantly you'll have a long flowing mane behind you. Bangs can either be swept to the side or completely off your face, depending on your preference.


Perfect Curls: Beyonce and Maggie Grace's Hairstyles

With curls making such a huge comeback these days many are looking to get those sought after perfect curls. Red carpet curls such as Beyonce's hairstyle can be yours if you learn how to tame your naturally curly hair. For those with straight hair, like Maggie Grace's hairstyle, the perfect curl is all in the products and tools you use.

Beyonce's hairstyle uses her natural curl to its advantage while taming down the frizz associated with naturally curly hair. On damp hair use an anti-frizz styling product, such as a gel with silicone added to it, to give the curl hold while taming frizz. Blow dry hair on a low setting using a diffuser to set curls. Don't dry hair completely. Instead, leave the hair slightly damp as over drying curly hair promotes fly away hair and frizz. Try to keep volume to the ends of the hair and not the top, which will make your style look too round. Finish off by coating your hands with a frizz reducing product and gently finger combing your curls to coat them and keep them looking shiny and sleek.

If your hair is straight, try mimicking Maggie Grace's hairstyle by keeping ringlets defined and controlled. Use a volumizing styling spray on damp hair and blow dry hair with a large paddle brush. Next give the hair a side part and curl one inch sections of your hair with a medium barreled curling iron. Only curl up to the temples, leaving the top portion of the hair straight for that sexy 1940's look. When all your hair has been curled, gently coat spirals with a shine enhancer that will make them glossy and cut down on frizz. Spray with a light hair spray to finish off.

I love the loose curls in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson’s hair. Do you have any tips for styling my hair like theirs?

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson's Hairstyles: Perfecting Casually Chic Style

There's no arguing that Mary Kate and Ashley Olson's hairstyles are the picture of tousled perfection. Be warned though, just because the twin's hairstyles look like they take no effort to create doesn't mean you can crawl out of bed and have that hairstyle. You'll need the right products and styling tricks to get those messy locks just right.

Start off with clean damp hair and apply a styling lotion or curl enhancing product to your hair. For those with naturally wavy hair attach a diffuser to your blow dryer and turn it on a low setting. Place the diffuser at the ends of your hair and point it upwards while you scrunch your hair into messy waves with your hands. Once your hair is dry use a small amount of hair wax or pomade to separate your waves into the casually piece-y Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson hairstyle.

Those with straight hair can fake those tousled waves by drying your hair in the same manner and then curling one inch sections of your hair with a large barreled curling iron. Don't worry about getting every strand—this hairstyle is meant to be casual and not perfect. Finish off this version of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson's hairstyle with a hair wax to separate the curls by finger combing your hair.

For an elegant evening version of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson's hairstyles take this same style and gently pull the sides back in a loose, low lying half-up hairstyle. Use a vintage style hair clip and pull out a few tendrils around your face.

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