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I’m getting a totally new hairstyle soon and a friend suggested I take pictures of hairstyles I like with me to the salon. Is this a good idea and what type of pictures should I take?

Choosing Good Hairstyle Photos

When we're looking to change our hairstyle many of us walk into the salon, hairstyle photos in hand, and ask our stylist to recreate what's in the pictures. While this is a fabulous idea in theory, there are some rules as to what constitutes a good hairstyle photo.

Whenever possible, choose hairstyle photos that show the hair close up. While your stylist might be able to recognize a cut from a small, far away photo of a celebrity, you greatly increase your chances of getting the cut you want if the photo you bring in clearly displays the hair cut in question.

Discuss any changes you want to the hairstyle immediately. While you may have lucked out and found the exact replica of the cut you want in a hairstyle photo, many times the picture acts as a general guideline with you implementing some changes. You'll need to speak up right at the beginning if you want your bangs longer or the sides shorter. Explain exactly what you like about the hairstyle photos you've brought in and what you want changed. Your stylist will work with you to make sure the cut is still balanced and flattering.

Discuss the back of the hairstyle. Most hairstyle photos don't show the back of the hair. If you have specific likes or dislikes regarding the back of your hair discuss them now. Most stylists will create the back of the cut to blend with the rest, but their version of perfect might not be yours. If you like your back left a little longer, say so immediately.

It also never hurts to bring more than one photo. While you may have your heart set on one particular style, there is a chance that it might not work with your hair. Many times people with fine hair enter a salon with a picture of big, sexy hair. Or someone with curly hair may want a style that clearly displays smooth hair. While it never hurts to ask if a particular style will work with your hair, you should have some back up hairstyle photos that more closely resemble your own hair just in case your dream ‘do is a no-go.

I’m looking to change my hair color. I’m thinking of looking both in magazines and on the internet for ideas. Is one better than the other?

Using A Hairstyle Gallery To Choose The Perfect New Color

There's a common rule among women: no matter what hair color Mother Nature gave us, at some point we want to change it. When the urge to dye gets a hold of you and you're looking for a fabulous new hair color, try viewing pictures from a hairstyle gallery. These galleries can be found in hairstyle magazines or on the Internet and both have their pros and cons when using them.

The celebrity hair photos in magazines usually give you an accurate representation of the person's hair color as the pictures are crisp and fairly true in their colors. You can browse through the pages and dog ear or cut out colors that grab your attention and easily take them to your next hair appointment. Your stylist can then make suggestions on whether or not the color will work with your skin tones. Look for current magazines with hairstyle gallery sections on the newest hair colors for the season as they are likely to showcase what's most popular now. The downside to buying magazines is you may have to buy a few before you find the right color.

Viewing a hairstyle gallery on the Internet will give you much more variety as there are literally hundreds to choose from. You can browse at your leisure and bookmark websites that have what you're looking for. The downside to using the Internet can come when you're ready to print out your celebrity hair photos. Photos printed on plain paper don't usually give a true representation of color. Instead try using photo paper to print your pictures on and you should get a much closer match. If your stylist is up on her hair color trends (which she should be), she will be able to take even a less than great picture and work with you to find a perfect new color.

I love trying trendy new haircuts and colors on my hair. What are the best places to find out the newest hairstyles?

Find A Trendy New Cut With Celebrity Hairstyles Pictures

Celebrities are often at the forefront of fashion and beauty trends. When you're looking for a new hairstyle, viewing celebrity hairstyles pictures gives you a glimpse into what's new and hot in hair. Whether it's the newest celebrity hair cuts or the latest in hair color you can snag some hair inspiration from celebrities.

So where can you find these celebrity hairstyles pictures? Hairstyle magazines such as Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide are packed with hundreds of pictures of celebrity hair cuts and styles. The best part of these magazines is they give great advice on finding a hairstyle that's right for your hair. Those with fine or curly hair can search for a celebrity with the same hair type and find a style that will work with what you've got. The celebrity hairstyles pictures are usually accompanied with styling how-tos so you not only find a great new hairstyle, but are given instructions on how to duplicate it.

The Internet is another amazing resource for finding up-to-the minute celebrity hairstyles pictures. This is perfect for those who like to lead the pack in new celebrity hair cuts and styles. You will want to make sure you're visiting a website that stays current with new fashion trends. Check sites frequently to see how often they update their celebrity hairstyles pictures. Then, simply print out the style that you like and take it with you to your next hair appointment.

I have wavy hair and I’m looking for a new style. I’ve been searching through pictures of wavy hair but I’m confused as to what types of wavy styles will work with my hair. Do you have any tips for finding waves that will work for my fine hair?

Find Your Perfect Curls With Wavy Hairstyle Pictures

The incoming tides aren't the only popular waves this summer. People are sporting loose, sexy waves wherever we look. The beauty of these waves is that they aren't: a "one size of curl fits all" style. Search hairstyle pictures to find curls that closely match your own and get ideas on styles for your own hair.

For those with very little wave to their hair, try a layered shag such as those that Hilary Duff or Jewel wear. The layers play up your waves and give your hairstyle lots of movement. To boost the little bit of curl that you have, use curl-enhancing styling products and your hands to scrunch waves into place. You can also enhance weak waves with Velcro rollers or large barreled curling irons.

Those with strong waves in their hair should look for hairstyle pictures that show off and work with your hair type. Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Biel regularly wear their hair down in big, sexy waves. To get inspiration from the right hairstyle pictures, take your hair's texture into consideration. Jessica Biel's hair is fine in texture and will produce those perfectly tousled waves when styled right. On the other hand, Jennifer Hudson's African American waves fall in a spiral pattern and will be prone to frizz if styled incorrectly. Get to know your own wavy hair type and look for pictures that resemble what you've got. Then hunt down the right styling products and tools for the job and create your own wavy version.


Free Virtual Makeover: How to Use Your Picture

Using an online free virtual makeover tool can be very beneficial when you're choosing a very different hairstyle from your current one but not all of these free virtual makeover tools are created equal. More specifically, you are going to want to find one that allows you to upload and use a picture of yourself so you can get a really good idea of how this new hairstyle will look on you.

Once you've done that you'll need a proper picture of yourself to use. The best pictures to use for your free virtual makeover are ones in which your hair is all off your face and flat against your head, either in a pony tail with no bangs if you have long hair or wet and sleeked all back for short hair. The photo should also be one in which you are facing the camera straight on and there is nothing obstructing your face in any way. If you don't have a picture like this for your free virtual makeover have a friend take one with a digital camera and upload it to your computer. The correct type of picture is going to make shopping for your new hairstyle much easier and more accurate.


Virtual Makeover

A virtual makeover can be an excellent first step when choosing a different hairstyle for you. These can be done either online or some salons offer this service to their clients via an in house computer program.

Online: Simply type in “virtual makeover” and take advantage of one of the websites that offer this online service. When using a virtual makeover tool try to find one that allows you to upload your own photo so that you can see exactly what the various hairstyles will look like on you and not some model.

At the Salon: If you do some phoning around you may be able to find a salon near you that offers this service. For a virtual makeover you'll make an appointment and, with your stylist, receive a high tech consultation in which your picture is uploaded into their computer software.

From their your picture will be able to “try on” various hairstyles to see if they compliment your face shape and what the final result will look like even before a single snip is taken.

These virtual makeovers can also change your hair color and let you see what a particular color will look like on you.


Free Virtual Makeover: Try Before You Buy

It can be nerve wrecking to put your trust in the hands of a hairstylist when you have no idea what your new hairstyle will look like before it's finished. But trust technology to come to the rescue with free virtual makeover tools that gives you a sneak peek before you even enter a salon.

On the internet you can type in “free virtual makeover” and find online programs that will allow you to choose between preloaded images of models or use a picture of your own uploaded from your computer (recommended for a better idea of how it will look on you and not a model). These free virtual makeover tools allow you to sift through celebrity pictures such as Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry, or Jennifer Aniston. Simply click on the celebrity photo you want and the free virtual makeover tool superimposes that hairstyle on your image.

Some of these free virtual makeover tools also allow you to change the color of the hairstyle as well as flip the side the hairstyles part is on.


Choosing Hairstyle Pictures

When deciding which hairstyle pictures to show your stylist there are a few rules of the road to keep in mind.

First, make sure the hairstyle pictures you select really show off the hairstyle. A professional or paparazzi shot of a celebrity that is clear, in-focus, in color, large enough to see the hairstyle detail is ideal. Choose hairstyle pictures where the person is posing, such as a feature in a magazine or on a red carpet, and where the entire head of hair is shown up close.

Also make sure the hairstyle pictures are in color. While this is usually the case it is worth noting that a clipping from a newspaper may seem to show off a hairstyle well in your eyes but stylists prefer to see a hairstyle in all its glory which includes its color. You just never know when a good hairstyle could have been made fabulous if only your stylist had known about those chunky blonde highlights in the front.

I love looking at celebrity hairstyles and getting ideas for my own hair. Where's the best place to find new celebrity hairstyle photos?

Getting Ideas From Celebrity Hairstyle Photos

Celebrities are always changing their look. Whether it's for a movie, or just for the fun of it, you can count on celebrity hairstyle photos to show off the latest in hair and beauty trends. This makes those photos prime tools for snagging ideas for your own new hairstyle.

A magazine such as Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide is always packed with the newest celebrity hairstyle photos. Have a favorite celebrity whose hair you love? Look for a magazine with a special feature on that person and chances are you'll have a few of that celebrity's hairstyle photos to choose from.

The internet is another valuable resource for keeping up with celebrity hairstyle photos. Want to know how celebrities wore their hair to the Oscars or the latest movie premier? Simply use your favorite search engine and enter “celebrity hairstyle photos”. From there you can browse and even print out the photos you like. Take them to your hairstylist and let your stylist create a version on a celebrity hairstyle just for you.

Should a man use a celebrity hairstyle photo?

Men Should Use Celebrity Hairstyle PhotosToo

It's a well known fact that women love to look great and often that desire leads to emulating the looks of their favorite celebrities. However, just because you are a man, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be willing to grab a celebrity photo and head to the barber shop or salon. As a matter of fact, you might need to more than your girlfriend.

Men tend to know what they want, but the jargon related to the hair industry is more likely to be understood by women. So you go in wanting a haircut that makes you look like Brad Pitt in Oceans 11, but since you don't know what kind of cut that is you find yourself saying again, "just cut it short all over," which may lead to a nice haircut, but probably won't leave you with just the cut you were looking for. This is where the celebrity hairstyle photo comes in.

When you bring a photo to your barber or cosmetologist, there is no need for words beyond "I'd like this." If you feel odd bringing a photo of Brad Pitt or George Clooney with you, realize that this is the simplest and most direct way of getting exactly what you want--and what is more manly than that?

virtual makeover

Your Free Makeover

Always wanted to try out a new hairstyle before a single snip is taken? Need a new look, but don't want to pay top dollar for a complete head-to-toe overhaul? No worries, the best thing about virtual is that it's free.

Start your new look with a new 'do that is suited specifically for your face shape. And don't pay a dime for the suggestion. Visiting virtual hairstyle Web sites allows you to view various hairstyles based on length, shape, color and hair style (fine, think, wavy, straight) that work with your frame. If you're not happy with the suggestion, you don't have to pay for it - most virtual makeover sites are free and simply offer suggestions based on your submissions.


The Latest Hairstyles

Most of the latest hairstyles rely on multi-dimensional hair color in order to make a great hairstyle look amazing.

Highlights, lighter sections of hair color, are often used to brighten up the area around the face. This technique is especially popular with longer hair that tends to sit against the face and can drag it down. Lightening up the color in this area can make both your hair color and face seem to sparkle.

Going darker in certain areas of the latest hairstyles can also create an interesting look. For a walk on the wild side have the underneath section of layered blonde hair colored a medium brown. This allows the darker colored hair to “peek out” from the blonde for a very funky look.


Hairstyle Photos

Taking hairstyle photos with you to the salon is always a hassle free way of showing your stylist the hair cut you're going for.

The easiest way to get your hands on great hairstyle photos is to pick up a few hairstyling and fashion magazines and scour the pages. Everything from the glossy ads to the celebrity features with pictures can be a suitable hairstyle photo to take to your stylist as an example.

When choosing hairstyle photos try and pick ones as large as possible that show off the hairstyle well. Also, don't be afraid to ask your stylist for information on the styles in the hairstyle photos such as how difficult or time consuming styling will be and if that particular hairstyle will work with your hair type. A good stylist should have some input and suggestions for you in order to make sure you're happy with the end result.


Finding a Hairstyle Gallery

Sometimes you just have no idea what type of new hairstyle you want. In cases like this an online hairstyle gallery comes in handy as they usually have multiple examples of hairstyles at varying lengths.

Simply type “hairstyle gallery” into a search engine and many different resources will become available to you. They will have photos in their hairstyle gallery of different hair lengths ranging from very short to extra long with many styles in each category. Many will even have sections devoted to celebrity hairstyles pictures, wedding hairstyles and prom updos.


Hairstyle Pictures

When looking for magazines with hairstyle pictures it's always helpful if there are accompanying instructions on how to style that particular hair cut.

Magazines and online sites often give tips and tricks on how the celebrities in those hairstyle pictures style their hair. Also look for any mention of what products they use or even what coloring techniques were used. Any and all information on that particular hairstyle can help you in copying that hairstyle as closely as possible.


Where to Find the Latest Hairstyles

Looking for a new style and want to know what the latest hairstyles are? There are many hairstyling magazines on the market that cater to women just like you.

The best thing about finding hairstyles in magazines, on the Internet, or through a virtual hairstyle model, is that you can take your found photo with you and show your stylist exactly what you want.


Hairstyle Photos

If you haven't had time to scour magazines or the Internet for hairstyle photos don't forget that all salons should have hairstyle books in their reception area.

If you are going to browse through these do remember to show up early to your appointment. Getting to the salon a minute before your time slot and then spending ten to fifteen minutes flipping through books is leaving your stylist in a time crunch to actually give you the style you finally decide on. The last thing you want is to rush your stylist with the creation of your new hairstyle as rushed jobs rarely turn out as well.


Hairstyle Gallery

Looking for cutting edge hair trends? Check out the Internet for a hairstyle gallery.

Various Web sites are chocked full of various types of hairstyles for all hair lengths and types. When looking through a hairstyle gallery check to see if they categorize hairstyles by hair types such as fine hair, thick hair, curly hair etc. This will help you to choose a new hairstyle that is best suited for your hair. Also, be sure to print out any of the pictures you really like so your hairstylist will know exactly what you want.


Jessica Alba's Haircut Style

In the ‘70s feathered hair was all the rage. Now, thanks to Jessica Alba's shorter version, this haircut style is making a modernized comeback.

This haircut style begins with hair being cut chin length. Next long layers are added in order to give the hair movement when it is flipped or feathered back. Jessica's style doesn't incorporate bangs which keep the style looking modern.

To finish off this haircut style use a volumizing mousse on damp hair and blow dry with a large round brush. The crown area is kept super smooth while the sides flare out so concentrate volume in that area. Lastly, use a medium to large sized curling iron and vertically curl the sides back. Separate curls by running your fingers through your hair to soften and blend them. Mist the haircut style with a medium hold finishing spray to hold the hair in place.


Where to Find Hairstyle Pictures

Hairstyle pictures are a client's best friend when communicating to their stylist exactly what they want out of their new style. Here are a few recommended resources for hunting down great hairstyle pictures to take with you on your next salon visit.

The Web

Check online for Web sites that offer hairstyle pictures for their visitors to browse through. Most have a large collection of hairstyle pictures to choose from. Browse through such categories as updos, Asian hairstyles and celebrity hairstyles.


Celebrity Hairstyles & Color and Style: These two magazines are a fabulous resource for hunting down current hairstyle pictures of the gorgeous and famous. Accompanying the pictures are often instructions on how to style the hair as well.

In Style: Though at first glance it may appear this magazine is devoted to clothes rather than hair, In Style gives a nod to all things trendy. Check out this magazine for both the deliberate hairstyle sections as well as the hairstyle pictures of the models and celebrities no matter what the subject.


Tori's Breezy Haircut Style

Tori Spelling's windswept haircut style is a great casual look for those with fine to medium texture hair.

For this haircut style the length is trimmed slightly below the shoulders with layers added around the perimeter to frame her face. To blow dry this haircut style apply either a mousse or volumizing spray to damp hair and dry with a paddle brush. Make sure to gently flip the sides back for that casual, breezy look.

Lastly, use a flat iron to further smooth the layers of this haircut style. Finish off with a misting of hair spray but keep it light so the hair still has movement.


Mischa Barton's Haircut Style

For those who aren't willing to jump on the curly hair bandwagon try Mischa Baron's perfectly straight haircut style.

Long hair is given a few layers, especially around the face for emphasis. Her bangs are left long and swept to either side of the face to blend with the other layers. Her haircut style is also boosted by the addition of natural looking golden highlights.

To get this haircut style apply a straightening balm or texturizing cream on damp hair and blow dry with a large vent brush. Finish off with a light misting of finishing spray.

Why should I use a celebrity hairstyle photo?

Why and How to Use Celebrity Hairstyle Photos

If you want to emulate a specific celebrity's hairstyle, go for it. But, keep in mind that today, with the availability of good extensions and less damaging color, walking into the salon and simply saying "Make my hair look like Christina Aguilera's" may get you in trouble. You don't want to go in looking for Christina's retro "Candy Man" style only to find out too late that the last Christina Aguliera photo your cosmetologist saw was a still from the "Moulin Rouge" video.

Fortunately for you though, photos of celebrity hairstyles are everywhere. You can find them everywhere from fan blogs to mainstream magazines. One particular resource that will probably be right at the salon is the celebrity hairstyle magazine. These are magazines dedicated to hairstyle photos so the pictures are almost entirely headshots. They generally feature lots of celebrities and some lesser known models. Often, a hairstyle magazine will have photos of a celebrity with a particular hairstyle and then have instructions on how to copy that style.

If you found your perfect celebrity hairstyle photo online, that can be even better. Try to find a site that offers more than one image of the hairstyle. Photos taken from different angles will give your stylist a more complete idea of what you are looking for.

What celebrity hairstyle gallery has a ton of celebrities ?

Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery Review: The Hairstyler

One thing that can definitely be said about The Hairstyler's online celebrity hair gallery is that if they have left anyone out, it is a freak accident. There are more celebrities, from the A-list on down, listed on this web site than on any other that has been found thus far. If you just don't know whose hair you would like to emulate, start with Aaliyah and work your way down to Ziyi Zhang for days upon days of hairstyling options.

The opening page of thehairstyler.com is a demo of a virtual makeover tool using a single basic model. If you want to play with this tool for long, you will be required to register. To get to the celebrity hairstyle list however you simply need to click the "Celebrity Hairstyles" link to the left. Some of the celebrities have several photos available and you can bet the more red carpet appearances the celebrity makes the more photos of that celebrity there will be to choose from.

There are only a few ads on this site and the ones that are there are not overwhelming in the least. You won't be frustrated in your quest to find that great Halle Berry pixie by annoying ads all over the site.

On the other hand, the photos are quite small and the professional advice that goes with them is only available to registered users. Overall, the lack of ads, the amazing number of celebrities available and the corresponding number of photos on the site makes up for this need for your information at every turn, but just barely.

Is there a hairstyle gallery that will help me find a salon?

Celebrity Hairstyles Gallery Review: UK Hairdressers

The UK Hairdressers website is one of the best around for both celebrity hairstyles and for general hair care information. This site has a true wealth of information, but it is organized, so you don't feel overwhelmed as soon as you load the main page.

To the left of the main page there is a listing of all the available subpages. To find the celebrity hairstyles gallery you just click "style gallery" and "celebrity styles." You can then choose from the extensive drop down list looking for you favorite celebrity, or you can opt to use the length list and select from celebrities with your length of hair. Once you find the celebrity you were looking for, you can click through all the photos of that person to find just the one you like.

This site also has pages which offer general hair care advice, help you find a salon and check out what different products do for your hair. There is a ton of information available here and if you can't find the answer to your specific question you can ask one of their resident experts. You can also have a little fun. There are links to horoscope and tarot card readings, and if you'd like you can use the "celebrity revenge" tool to 'makeover' your not-so-favorite celebrity.

This site pays the bills with a simple list of Google ads which trail down the right, and a huge number of hair products which they sell from the site. But if you are looking strictly at celebrity hairstyle photos you won't have any trouble staying away from the product ordering pages.

Overall this is an excellent site that offers users plenty of celebrity photos and a lot of other valuable information to go with them.

What hairstyle gallery is fun and easy to navigate?

Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery Review: Hairstyles Watch

The Hairstyles Watch site (hairstyleswatch.com) is one of the better sites out there when it comes to the variety of types of hairstyles you can look for. Rather than searching for Paris Hilton's hairstyle, you can look for layered hair, teen hair or hair that has been worked over specifically with a Sedu. Inside these and other categories you will find photos of celebrity hairstyles you can copy to go with your own style of hair.

This site also has some really fun categories. The "Top 100 Celebrities" links to a list of celebrities where you can see all their hairstyles. The "Freaky Friday" category is a showplace for crazy hair-don'ts and the "How To" gives easy to follow instructions for copying preselected looks.

The big negative here is the lack of a search function. You will have to look for the celebrity hairstyle you want on your own, but the site is so easy to navigate that you will find it or realize they don't have it quickly.

Finally, here is another big plus. The site is almost completely devoid of ads. Basic Google ads run along the top and not much else interferes with your use of the site, which is a refreshing change from the prevalence of ads on some other hairstyle websites.

Is there an online hairstyle gallery without a lot of advertising?

Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery Review: Celebrity-Hairstyles.org

Celebrity-Hairstyles.org is a Glam Media site. Perhaps that explains the refreshing lack of advertisement on this site. It is very clean and easy to use. The only hints of advertisement are a few sponsor links all leading to Glam Media sites.

The most popular celebrities are shown in a short list on the left hand side, followed by the standard prompts such as short, long, curly, formal and men's. Across the bottom, celebrities are listed in no particular order, which can make for a longer search. Speaking of searches, if you are looking for a search function, you can stop, there is none. Lack of a search function is a serious drawback if you are looking for a photo of a specific celebrity, especially one who is not specifically listed across the bottom. If he or she is not there, try a different site.

Once you find the celebrity you are looking for, several different photos of that person are available. You just scroll through using the links directly below their photo. There are links to several beauty articles, but no instructions on how to copy a celebrity's specific hair or makeup look.

Overall this site is to be commended for their lack of overwhelming advertisement and how easy it is to move from one celebrity photo to the next. But, the lack of search features and hair or makeup tips makes it difficult to recommend this site to anyone who really knows what they are looking for.

Where can I find celebrity hairstyle photos?

Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery Review: Beautiful Hairstyles

If you are looking for a hairstyle gallery that will give you big fantastic photos of hundreds of celebrity hairstyles, beautifulhairstyles.com is an excellent resource. The website is broken up into photos of different lengths, textures and events (like weddings). You can find inspiration in the big full color photographs, and discover a great formal hairstyle for your prom or a cute cut when you are ready to go short. The descriptions are short and to the point; "Jessica Alba in adorable short blond bob" for example and the site is easy to navigate.

The site does have a search feature, but it is practically hidden at the bottom of the page. If you know what you want to look for, scroll all the way down and click "search." The Google powered search feature will look exclusively inside beautifulhairstyles.com first. If you don't find what you are looking for, you can then ask it to search the entire web for your request.

Every website has to find a way to pay the bills, and simple Google ads run down both sides of the photos. They are not overly intrusive though and do not interfere with the size or view of the picture in the middle.

Overall, this website is an excellent resource for celebrity hairstyle photos and formal hairstyle ideas.

How can I find celebrity hairstyle photos online?

Finding Celebrity Hairstyles Online

So, where should you look for celebrity hairstyle photos? The internet is a great place to start.

If you know whose hair you want, you could try that celebrity's home page. You may have luck there, especially if the hairstyle you are looking for is one that the celebrity wore to a recent event. Celebrity home pages however are dedicated to making money, so you will probably find more information on that person's most recent or upcoming projects than on where they have been and what hairstyle they have been wearing. Also keep in mind that it is unlikely paparazzi photos will wind up on a celebrity's home site.

Fan sites are usually much better places to look, because fans are often far more dedicated to posting photos of their favorite celebrity. Celebrity blogs may have several photos of your chosen celebrity on any given night. If you know exactly what the celebrity was doing when you saw the style you like, you can search for their name and the event. This is likely to give you several possible image matches.

If you are not sure whose hair you ought to have, go to your browser and type "celebrity hairstyle photos" into your search engine. There you will find several online galleries that feature photos of celebrity hairstyles. Many of them allow you to do a subsearch, either by celebrity, or by the length or style of hair you are looking for. For example, once you find a site you like, many will let you look in that site for photos that are strictly of Madonna or only celebrity updos.

Should I use a celebrity photo to choose my hairstyle?

When it Comes to Celebrity Hairstyles, Keep it Real

So you've found the ultimate, perfect hairstyle for you. The only trouble is . . . it's still on Mandy Moore's head. Not to worry--if you can get a picture, you can probably get that style. The great thing about celebrity hairstyles is that as long as there are paparazzi, there will be plenty of photos to help your cosmetologist understand what you want.

When using celebrity photos though, try to be realistic. Mandy Moore for example is in her early twenties, fit and wealthy (enough to have hairstylists re-do her do every ten minutes). If you on the other hand are in your late forties, not so fit or so wealthy, then that high maintanance hairstyle may not work for you. Mandy not only has a facial structure that, at her age and weight, makes nearly any hairstyle workable, she also has an army of stylists that ensure she never has to do her own hair if she doesn't want to.

So if the style you are looking at is complex, and you have no time or no talent for hair (not to mention shoulders that cry foul any time you reach for anything higher than your head), you may want to rethink a style that requires hours of messing with magnetic rollers. Take your time and consider your look and lifestyle before settling on a specific celebrity style.

In any case, if you look, you are certain to find a celebrity inspired hairstyle that really is perfect for you.

What is a good online hairstyle gallery?

Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery Review: Beauty Riot

Beauty Riot's website is much more than a simple celebrity hairstyle gallery. There are photos of celebrity hair and makeup as well as tools you can use to get your best celebrity inspired look. The page guide runs down the left and includes links to features like a virtual makeover tool, basic beauty lessons and a daily beauty blog. Down the right runs a list of celebrities from A-Z.

The pictures are generally thumbnails you double click to expand. Some celebrities have only one or two photos available, while certain style gurus like Jennifer Aniston and Ashlee Simpson have several. The search feature is almost hidden. You will find it at the bottom of the page. Scroll all the way down to find it. The search returns beautyriot matches first, followed by other website matches.

One great feature of this website is the "Look It Up" feature, which is a separate feature from the basic search function. "Look it Up" will help you find a style pro, locate a great bargain or figure out what exactly is that odd chemical in the gel you are about to put in your hair. Another good thing about this website is the step-by-step instructions given for copying the makeup application of many celebrities.

When it comes to paying the bills, this site goes just a little bit overboard. Many of the pages are simply overcrowded with ads. Everything from basic Google ads to full flash commercials interrupt your enjoyment and the functionality of the site.

Overall this is a very useful website with more to offer than the average hairstyle gallery. Just be patient and don't let the overwhelming number of ads distract you from your goal of finding the perfect celebrity inspired hairstyle for you.

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