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How can I get a sexy ponytail like Kiera Knightley?

Pretty Prom Ponytails

Are you looking for a classic, yet simple look for your long hair for prom this year? Why not try an elegant version of the ponytail?

To get a sophisticated ponytail like Kiera Knightley's Oscar look, first set hair on hot rollers or use a large barrel curling iron all over. Then section hair into 3 areas: back, crown and bangs. Secure the back into a ponytail with a non-damaging elastic. Next, to give a little fullness on top, tease the underside of the crown and then smooth the top over. If you aren't getting the fullness you like, use a little hairspray, which will cause the hair to tease more easily. Bring this section back and use a second elastic or pins to attach it to the ponytail. This way the weight of your ponytail won't ruin the lift you've accomplished up front. Take some hair and wrap the ponytail so the elastic doesn't show, then pin the ends under. Pinning is quicker and easier than trying to run the hair through the ponytail and won't ruin your hard work. Finally, for a little sexy curl, use a 1" iron on your bangs. Add some shine enhancing hairspray if needed and you are ready for a night to remember.

What is a pretty updo for relaxed black hair?

Relax, With A Little Body

For long, relaxed hair, a gorgeous updo like Tyra Bank's 2006 Emmy look is the perfect thing to make you a red carpet standout. Take some advice though, and enlist some help as this is not a updo for the faint-of-heart to attempt alone. Take your time and use top quality products to achieve this stunning style.

First, use some straightening serum to get your relaxed hair as straight as possible, followed by a flat iron, to make it even straighter. Then, take some molding crème and run it thorough the hair, especially around your face. Tyra's beautiful side wave is achieved by sectioning out hair in the front and using a comb and your hands, create the wave ending in a twisting motion that brings the wave back across the back of the head and into the bun.

Tyra's bun is created by using a foam filler, which adds bulk and guides the shape of the bun. Take your hair out from the scalp and wrap the ends around the filler. You will want to hold the filler about forty-five degrees from the back of your head as you start to wrap, so the bun will end in the right place. Wrap in toward your head, making sure the hair completely conceals the filler. Once the bun is in place use pins to hold it all together. Finish with lots of shine enhancing hair spray.

What hairstyle will really show off my face?

How to Get a Sleek Formal Style

One of the loveliest and freshest styles you can wear to a formal event is a sleek and simple style like the one Jamie Lynn Spears wore to the 2007 Kid's Choice Awards. This "Orange Carpet" style is never out of fashion as it highlights the best-ever fashion accessory, a fresh, pretty face. Just add some great earrings like Jamie Lynn, and you too can be Award Show ready in just minutes.

Simplicity is the key to this style. While the hair is slightly wet, apply setting lotion throughout. Then, using a fine tooth comb, part hair far over on one side and slick back gently from the face on the smaller side. On the other side, comb hair into place pulling down toward the ear before sliding to the back. Secure both sides together at the base of the skull using a non-damaging elastic.

Jamie Lynn's style is finished off by making a smooth and simple "bun" out of her ponytail. To accomplish this, pull a little hair out of the bottom before beginning. Then take the ponytail and pull through the elastic a second time, being careful not to pull all the way through. Pull from the underside so the ends are underneath. This will cause the hair to form a loose bun. Take the loose section of hair that you pulled out before and wrap it around the elastic so it doesn't show. Finally, pin any loose strands out of sight and finish off with a shine enhancing hair spray.

Don't forget, sleek styles that keep your hair close to your head show off your face. Don't try this style right in the middle of a major breakout or other complexion crisis.

I love romantic style updos and would like to learn how to do them on myself. Can you suggest any updos like this that are easy enough for me to attempt on my own?

Celebrity Updo Hairstyles: Romantic Updo Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

Looking for stylish and romantic updo hairstyles that you can create yourself? The easiest ones to imitate are those with soft waves and curls. These updo hairstyles are much less structured and don't require the perfection sleek hairstyles demand.

To create your own wavy celebrity updo hairstyles on long hair, begin with slightly damp hair that has had a mousse or styling lotion applied to it. Hair that has been washed the day before and misted with water first works best, but freshly washed hair with a little extra styling product in it will work in a pinch. Set your hair in medium-sized Velcro rollers, making sure not to wrap too much hair on each roller as the hair will take longer to dry and the curls will be weak. Let your hair air dry in the rollers.

Once your hair is completely dry, carefully remove the rollers and let your hair hang in the loose curls. The trick to great looking celebrity updo hairstyles is having a variety of curls in the updo. Achieve this by dividing some of your large curls into two and creating smaller curls with a medium-sized curling iron. Make the smaller curls random and spread throughout the hair.

To finish off this soft updo, part your hair in the middle and gently pull the curls back and pin them in a very unstructured, loose bun at the back of your head. Don't pull the curls tight, instead sweep them back, letting some fall around your face for that soft look so popular in celebrity updo hairstyles. Let the ends of the pieces you pin into the bun remain out to create short curls that hang from the bun. Finish off with a light hold hairspray or shine spray. These types of updo hairstyles are perfect for prom, homecoming or just about any formal event.

What formal style will work well in my thick hair?

Updos for Very Thick Hair

If you have thick, heavy hair and think updos are not for you, think again. You can wear gorgeous updos like Penelope Cruz's Oscar look with just a little practice and some patience.

To get this look, first you will want to pick up a hair accessory like the Quik Bun. These tools are designed to make it easy to create professional looking buns. While the look can be achieved without one, you will appreciate the speed and simplicity of creating a formal updo with a tool like this.

To achieve Penelope's look, first tease the hair on the crown to give height to your look in the front. If you don't get the lift you want right away, using a little hair spray as you tease will make it work much better. Then smooth the hair in the front over the teased area. Bring all of your hair back into large, non-damaging elastic to form a ponytail. Penelope's look is then achieved by separating the hair into three sections, a large section on the bottom with two smaller sections on the top. Take the Quik Bun or other bun forming tool and, following the directions, create a large beautiful bun out of this larger section of hair. Next, take the other two sections one at a time, and twist until they form two smaller buns. Pin, pin, pin the three buns until they are secure and no ends are sticking out. Make sure as you pin that the elastic is completely hidden. Up front, gently curl bangs under with a 1" barrel curling iron. Finally, lots of shine enhancing hairspray will hold it all together.

How can I get a classic celebrity hairstyle?

How to Get a Classic Glamour Style for Short to Medium Length Hair

If you are looking for a classic glamour style for your short to medium length (above the shoulder) hair, try the Oscar look worn by Charlize Theron when she won her Best Actress award for her role in Monster. You'll be simply gorgeous in this 1940s inspired style.

This style is best started early in the morning. First, wash or wet hair all over. Next, run a setting lotion through all of the hair. Then, using a comb, part hair fairly far over on one side. Next, create "finger waves" by holding the hair to the head with your fingers and using a comb to push the hair front and back in a wave pattern all over. Then, using the ends of the hair, create small, flat pin-curls against your head and bobby pin them in place at the base of your skull. Next, either put a scarf over your hair and let it air dry in place naturally over the course of the day, or sit under a traditional bonnet dryer until hair is fully dried. When the hair is dry (and cool if you sat under a dryer), unpin the pin-curls and gently run a wide tooth comb through the hair to break up any traces of styling lotion that remain. Finish up with a shine enhancing hair spray to hold everything in place and you are red carpet ready!

How can I get Angelina Jolie's Red Carpet Style?

Angelina Jolie's Red Carpet Hair

If you're coveting a sexy, swept back style like Angelina Jolie's at the premier of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, there's no need to fret. If your hair is at least a little longer than your shoulders, you too can get this sexy style.

First, run some volumizing product though damp hair and blow dry upside down. Once dry, set straight hair on large hot rollers or force naturally curly hair to loosen up by curling all over using an iron with a 2" barrel. Naturally wavy hair should not need either. Next, section out the front of the hair framing the face and tease the crown section behind it at the roots to provide fullness on top. If you don't automatically get enough lift, use a little hair spray as it will make teasing easier. Then smooth the front section back over the freshly teased areas. Next, using a little texturizing product on your palms, apply to the dry hair, this will help it stay out of your face in front, and set the waves by scrunching in the back. Finally, use some shine enhancing hair spray all over, to maintain the swept back style.

How can I get Jessica Simpson's wedding hair?

How to Get Jessica Simpson's Wedding Hair

Think Jessica Simpson's wedding style is perfect for your big day? Then follow these steps for beautiful wedding hair.

First, add some volumizing product to damp hair and blow dry upside down. Roll large sections of the hair onto large hot rollers and let cool. Then add some molding/piecing product to your hands and rub them together to soften. Spread the molding product throughout the hair. If you need additional height in the front, tease the hair underneath at the crown, then smooth over the top.

To achieve the parts in the back, spray a little hair spray onto a comb, then run the comb trough the hair at 1-3 inch intervals, causing it to split into separate areas. Next, take four sections out of the front. Jessica wore a center part; to emulate her style take two small sections to the front and two slightly bigger sections behind those. Take the two slightly bigger sections and one at a time spray them, then guide them to the back of your head. Pin them in the back with beautiful combs or barrettes like Jessica's. Once the hair has been pinned, take a 1" barrel curling iron and some hair spray and refresh any curls that are not just as you like. Before adding your veil, take the two front most sections, spray and curl with the 1" curling iron. Spray all over with shine enhancing hairspray. Finally, add the veil. Jessica's veil was worn toward the back of her crown.

Note: to remove your veil without ruining your hair, hold the hair firmly right next to the combs and pull gently. Keep some spray gloss handy. If the veil won't come loose easily, a shot of spray gloss will soften the spray enough to let go of the veil, without damaging your style.

Remember, you will need to do a trial run with this style to determine how much hair should be brought back and how well this style works with your veil. Never determine a wedding hairstyle without trying it with your veil. You don't want your wedding day to come and then find out the style you've chosen works great with Jessica's veil, but doesn't look that good with yours.

How can I get an easy celebrity style?

Super Easy Homecoming Style

Homecoming tends to be less formal than prom, so if you're looking for a fun and flirty homecoming style take a page from Lindsey Lohan's style book. The half-up-half-down hairstyle Miss Lohan is famous for sporting is actually an easy, versatile style that looks great on almost everyone. If your hair is at least shoulder length you too can get this celebrity look.

First give your hair some soft waves by setting in hot rollers or using a large barrel curling iron all over. Next, put some texturizing product in your palm, rub your hands together to soften and run the product through your hair. Then separate the crown section of your hair, taking as much or as little as you want. Play with this and decide what amount of hair pulled back looks the best on you. Tease under the crown section to give lift to the top. If you have trouble getting as much fullness as you would like, use a little hair spray, which will help your hair to tease more effectively. Then smooth the top over the teased section, being careful to leave a little out in the very front for some sexy bangs. Pin the top section in the back or secure with a pretty barrette. Finally, take some more texturizing product and use it to set your bangs in place. Finish up with a little shine enhancing spray and you will be ready. Just don't be too surprised when they announce you homecoming queen. After all, you've already got the perfect hair to go under that crown!

How can I get an updo with a real WOW factor?

Get an Ornate Updo Like Jessica Alba's 2006 Oscar Look

If you are looking for your hair to cause more commotion than your dress, channel Jessica Alba with this beautifully ornate updo. You will want to enlist help, simply because there are a lot of steps to this style. It will be worth it though, because your head is sure to their turn heads, as you'll have people asking, "How did you do that?"

You will need lots of bobby pins, "hair jewels" and dry hair that is at least shoulder length. If you've got a little styling product residue left in your hair from the day before, don't wash it as hair that has just been washed never styles as easily as hair with a day's worth of product in it.

Brush your hair and either set on large hot rollers or use a large barrel curling iron all over. Next, pull the front top and sides of the hair out, and section the back into several small sections. Using a curling iron, make a curl out of each section, then looping and pinning the sections to the head right at the scalp. Do the sections one at a time. This will work best if you start at the bottom and work your way up. If you find that you have difficulty getting the curls to behave, spray the hair with a little hairspray before using the curling iron which will cause your hair to take and hold the curls better.

Once all the center sections have been curled and pinned (careful not to let any pins show!) take the sides and twist them in toward the mass of curls in the back of your head, pinning and tucking the ends under as you go. Then take the front top section and part it into smaller 1-2" sections. Spray each section with hairspray and use a large barrel curling iron on each section. Guide each of these new curls back over your hair and away from your face. Once you have the hair just as you like, spray heavily with shine enhancing hairspray. Finally, add your "hair jewels" for that perfect finishing touch.

Note: Don't add hair jewels before the hairspray. The same spray that holds your beautiful look and makes it shine will dull your pretty jewels and may cause damage to some of the more delicate ones.

Can you give me some celebrity inspired updos that are easy to create myself?

Celebrity Inspired Prom Hair Styles

Wondering what prom hairstyles are hot this season? A surefire way to find out is to see how the celebrities are wearing their hair on the red carpet. Celebrity updos tend to have an air of sophistication that beats out your typical prom hair styles of old. To get inspired for your own prom hair style, flip through magazines and watch awards shows where celebrities are dressed to the nines.

If you're looking for sultry prom hairstyles, take a cue from Jessica Alba. This celebrity hairstyle involves no pins, but instead relies on sexy waves reminiscent of the 1920s. To create your own version of this style, apply a styling lotion to damp hair and blow dry straight with a large round brush. Next, create a severe side part. Take one and a half inch sections and wrap them around a large barreled curling iron to approximately eye level. Don't curl the top of the head as you want this to remain smooth and sleek.

Continue doing this until all your hair is in large curls. The key to prom hair styles is the finishing. You'll want to coat your fingers with a very light hair wax and carefully separate the curls into large flowing waves. Set with a light hold hairspray.

Another quick prom hair style that you can do yourself is to apply a styling lotion to long layered hair and set it in small Velcro rollers. Let the hair dry and carefully remove the rollers. Create a side part and separate the curls with your fingers. Let the front and sides hang in loose ringlets. Pin the back up with bobby pins to create a soft pile of curls at the back of your head. Use a styling wax to smooth and define the front curls and mist with a light hold hairspray. This type of celebrity updo was worn by Jennifer Lopez and works with both straight and curly hair.

Do you have any examples of easy updos that I can do myself from home?

Easy Formal Hairstyles: Skip The Salon With DIY Updos

Maybe you have a last minute occasion or you just like saving the cost of expensive trips to the salon. Whatever the reason, creating easy formal hairstyles yourself can be done with a little knowledge and practice.

The half updo is incredibly popular and one of the simplest of formal hairstyles. Begin by using a volumizing product, such as mousse, on damp hair. Blow dry your hair with a round brush until it is slightly damp. Now, take a two inch by one inch section of hair, spritz with hairspray and roll them up in large Velcro rollers. Let your hair air dry or use the blow dryer to speed up the process until your hair has completely dried. Remove the rollers and apply hair wax to your fingers. Use your finger to finger comb the curls and separate them. Pin back the top and sides loosely with a decorative hair clip. This method is a favorite for easy formal hairstyles that are casual, yet elegant.

Another pick for easy formal hairstyles is a low-lying braided bun. Blow dry your hair straight and pull your hair back into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Braid the pony tail and secure the end with another elastic band. Wrap the braid around the base of the braid like a coil, pinning with bobby pins as you go. Tuck the end of the braid under the bun and secure with two or three pins to ensure it doesn't slip out. This type of celebrity formal hairstyle is a twist on the traditional chignon and is easier to do since the braid cooperates better than loose hair when pinning.

I’ve been looking for a homecoming hairstyle but all the ones I find are these dreadful updos that look old fashioned. Do you have any suggestions on hairstyles that are suitable for homecoming but aren’t so stiff looking?

Glamorous Homecoming Hairstyles: Take Your Cue From Fabulous Red Carpet Hairstyles

Gone are the days of bee-hives for homecoming hairstyles. Women today want their homecoming hair to look glamorous, but without the stiff hairstyles of the past. To find homecoming hairstyles that are modern and trendy, try looking at some of the red carpet hairstyles that celebrities are sporting right now.

Homecoming hairstyles for wavy or curly hair can be particularly hard to find as many of today's styles show off straight hair. To glam up your curls, try one of Jessica Simpson's red carpet hairstyles that show off her sultry and sophisticated curls to the max. To begin creating this hairstyle, apply mousse to damp hair, part your hair to the side and scrunch your hair into soft waves or curls. Allow your hair to air dry completely for best results. If you're in a hurry, allow your hair to air dry half way and finish off with a diffuser.

Once hair is dry, use a medium-sized curling iron to touch up your curls and smooth them out. Take a small section and wrap them around the barrel of your curling iron in a spiral wrap up to approximately forehead level. Let the roots of your hair stay straighter to avoid too much “pouf” on top. Finish off by using a light styling wax to define your curls and mist with a light hold hair spray. These types of homecoming hairstyles are both easy to do yourself and look amazing — just like those red carpet hairstyles.

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