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I am African American and I straighten my hair. I hate my natural curl but I’m also sick of having my hair straight and flat all the time. Is there a way I can have some curl but without the frizz?

Sexy Black Hairstyles

If you're an African American who straightens your hair you may find you're growing tired of those flat tresses. Yet, with just a little styling know-how you can have big sexy hair just like those black celebrity hairstyles such as Beyonce's.

The trick to perfect waves in those black hairstyles is healthy looking hair. If you're hair is dry from straightening it wash with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to start. Add an anti-frizz styling cream. Blow dry your hair straight on a low setting with a large round brush. Pay extra attention to the roots when styling, lifting the roots with the brush and pointing the blow dryer underneath the section of hair to add volume and lift. Since teasing black hairstyles causes frizz this is the best way to get big hair without the frizzy mess.

Once your hair is completely dry use a large barreled curling iron to add big waves to your hair. Start by dividing the hair into a top and bottom section. Pin the top section up and work on the bottom first. Wrap section of hair around the large curling iron leaving the last two inches out to avoid hair that's too “poufy” on top. Repeat this process with the top section. Coat your fingers with a styling wax and finger comb your waves into place. Set the volume of your hair by flipping your head upside down and spraying your roots with a light to medium hold hair spray. Flip your head upright again. You'll now have big sexy curls like you see in black celebrity hairstyles. Since black hairstyles can loose their shine from dryness add a light misting of a spray shine product to bring back your hair's luster.

How can I get long straight hair like Naomi Campbell?

Naomi Campbell's Beautiful Long Hair

The trick to getting gorgeous long hair like Naomi Campbell is you have to know how to treat it. Naomi wears her hair in a center part which makes wearing a wig virtually impossible. So you have two choices, one-grow it, or two-get some really good extensions.

If you are going to grow your hair, keep in mind that hair grows 1/4 to one inch a month, depending on the person. Most of us fall in the slower growing category. If you have particularly curly hair, like most African-American ladies, you will have to have it relaxed and use flat irons on it to get it to go stick straight like Naomi. With time, patience and good conditioners, your hair will grow.

Once you have reached the appropriate length, use a good flat iron on the lowest setting your hair responds to. When your hair is good and straight, use a laminate product on it to enhance shine and eliminate frizzies.

If you are going to get extensions, it is recommended you use bonded extensions, which can be very expensive, or simple clip-ins. Traditional glue-in or braid and sew styles tend to show with a style like Naomi's which is worn fairly flat to the head. The great thing about both bonded extensions and clip-ins is that the hair will already be colored and stick straight, so all you will need to do is maintain your natural roots to keep it looking nice. If you are getting bonded extensions, tell your cosmetologist that you are looking to wear your hair like Naomi's, she should be able to place the bonds strategically, so your hair does not bulk up at the crown. If you are using clip-ins, take some time and practice with them. You should be able to place the clips far enough down on your head to make your natural hair fall over them and hide the clips; also without adding too much bulk at the crown.

Regardless of the approach you use, you need to treat your hair gently and use good conditioners to keep it in tip top shape.

How can I take advantage of my curls?

Keep it Curly

Rachel True maintains a fun and flirty style by not fighting her naturally curly hair, at least not too much.

The keys to making curls like True's look great are having a great cut and using quality products. To get a look like True's, maintain your haircut with monthly trims that cut away the frizziest part of the hair - your split ends. Seeing your hairstylist regularly will ensure the ends are cut away before they can wreak havoc on your look. She can also give you deep conditioning treatments, to keep your hair in great shape. In addition, curl defining products, like those of John Frieda, work best when used together from shampoo to finished style.

If your hair has a curl pattern that is too tight to form pretty curls like True's, talk to your cosmetologist about a "reverse perm." This is a relaxing treatment that uses traditional perm solution, rather than a harsh relaxer. Your hair will be rolled on perm rods and the solution will change your super tight curls into loose spirals. Another advantage is that traditional perm solution is not as drying to your hair as lye relaxers. Keep in mind though, the perm solution may lighten your hair a little, and lye relaxers are not recommended after reverse perms. You will want to be certain that this is a style you want to keep, at least until your hair can grow long enough for you to have the permed part cut off.

To make your curls look pretty and polished, use curl defining spritz or mousse throughout. Scrunch the hair to make the spirals hold together, then use a laminate to enhance shine.

What can I do with my black hair to help me look younger?

Lighten Up and Lose a Few Years

While it's true that dark skin shows signs of age slower than its lighter counterparts, that doesn't mean black women can not also take steps to look younger. Take for example supermodel Iman, who has taken years off her look by lightening up her shoulder length tresses.

Due to the fragile nature of black hair, especially that which has been relaxed, you will need to visit a professional colorist to copy this look. Your colorist can test your hair to be sure it can handle the lightening process and work with you to find your perfect color. The deep honey blond that looks so wonderful surrounding Iman's face, may be a little too light or still too dark to achieve the desired effect for you. To ensure a happy result, take your time selecting the right color and put yourself in the hands of a cosmetologist who has experience with your type of hair.

How can I get Rihanna's cute new look?

Rihanna's Sexy Angled Bob

Rihanna really updated her style recently with a sexy asymmetrical bob; with the hair cut shorter in the back and brought to longer points on either side of her face. In Rihanna's case her hair has been cut to different lengths on the right and left side. You can have it cut this way, or make it even on both sides.

To get this look, most black hair will require a chemical relaxer. Unless you are experienced with relaxers, it is best to leave this process to a professional, as relaxers are caustic and can cause your scalp to burn and if left on too long, your hair to basically melt.

After the hair has been successfully "relaxed," your cosmetologist will probably run a hot iron through the hair to make it even straighter. Then she will cut the hair while it is dry to ensure she gets the best possible cut. Once the cut is finished, a laminate adds shine.

To maintain this look at home, you will want to keep your hair in top shape. Use shampoos and conditioners made especially for black hair. (Also, see your cosmetologist for deep conditioning treatments as well.) At home, the right products, such as a styling pomade with essential fatty acids will help coax your hair into the straight style. Even then it is unlikely you will find the result to be what you like without using a flat iron. To avoid damage, set the iron to the lowest setting that works on your hair. Keep the flat iron moving. Holding it in one place will only damage the hair.

After your style is set, run a little laminate, like John Frieda's Frizz Ease hair serum, through the hair. It will add shine and keep those frizzy ends from getting out of control. Keep in mind too much laminate can make your hair look greasy. Never use more than the recommended amount the first time. You can always add a little more, but once it is on there, you can't get it out without washing.

How can I get long sexy waves like Beyonce'?

Beyonce's Sexy Tousled Waves

The first thing to remember about Beyonce's hair is that she can afford the very best extensions money can buy, and an arsenal of professionals to take care of it. Not to say that every single strand of hair on Ms. Knowles head is not her own; only she and her hairdresser (OK, and Jay-Z) know for sure.

But, if you want to get long sexy waves like Beyonce wore to the special screening of Proof to benefit The Film Foundation, you will probably want to visit your cosmetologist for some help in the form of added length.

To get this look, first make sure your hair is as straight as possible. Use a good quality flat iron on the lowest setting that is effective for your hair. Next, you will need to tease your hair just a little at the crown, a couple of inches to either side of your part. Then smooth hair over with a comb and flat iron. This will give gorgeous height to the style. If you have braid and sew-in style extensions, you may find the braids add the height automatically, and no teasing is needed. After that, use a large barrel (1 1/2 to 2 inch) curling iron to add soft waves that run about three quarters of the way up the hair length. Don't forget though to run the iron all the way to the roots when working around your face. Next, take a little piecing cream and work it into your hands. Grab a small section of hair in the front and work the cream gently through, then guide it so it sweeps beautifully across your brow. Finally, add some shine enhancing spray to keep it all in place and you are ready for your close up!

How do I pull off a short cut like Halle Berry's?

Halle Berry's Cute Short Cut

If your face and personality can handle it, there are few hairstyles that can rival an adorable pixie cut like Halle Berry's.

This cut leaves very little to hide, so if you are having a breakout or other complexion crisis, hold off on getting this haircut until you've got it under control.

To wear a cut like this you need more than the will to chop your hair. You need confidence. Halle sports this look proudly, showing that a curvy physique and sparkling personality can make even this boyish hairstyle look incredibly feminine. To maintain a look like this, have your cosmetologist show you how to use molding creme to guide your short hair into place. Then make sure you go in for regular trims, every three to six weeks to keep the style fresh.

What's a simple style that looks great?

Gabrielle Union's Simply Sexy Style

Gabrielle Union has that girl-next-door quality that makes her so completely likable. One of the things that keeps Ms. Union that way is the fact that she never seems to need a huge fuss to be made over her. Her simple but beautiful hairstyle is the perfect case in point.

To get a look like Gabrielle you'll need a great haircut. She usually wears her hair in a long layered cut, with the layers beginning at her shoulders and trailing midway down her back. Another great thing about this cut is even though it is simple, it leaves enough length to put it up and it dresses up very prettily after just a few minutes with a curling iron

To copy Gabrielle's day-to-day style, wear your part to the side. If you need to add height at the crown, tease a little about an inch from the part, then smooth hair over. Straighten the hair all over with a flat iron, set at the lowest setting that is effective on your hair. Use a heat-protective pomade to help the flat iron do its job. When your hair is straight all over, use just a little hair laminate, like John Frieda's Frizz Ease Hair Serum. This will add that extra shine and control 'frizzies' between trims.

Note: Don't forget to get regular trims, even if you don't want to lose your length. Split ends should be cut off regularly. They don't add much to your length, but if left, they can cause frizz that detracts from the polish of your overall look.


Black Hairstyles: The Razor Cut Bob

Black hairstyles can be low on maintenance and look ultra stylish by taking an ordinary bob hairstyle and making the ends wispy. To achieve Chante Moore's version of this style have your stylist cut your hair into a bob that's just above the shoulders. Next layers are added to the last three inches or so of the style with dramatic razor cutting that leaves the ends very wispy. The hair length is also shortened somewhat in the front to create a subtle step effect. The bang area is left long with the hair chin length and swept to the sides when styling.

Use a styling cream on damp hair to create this black hairstyle and enlist the help of a large vent brush to blow dry the top layers. Use a side part and make sure to concentrate the blow dryer on the roots of the hair to get lift. When moving down to style the bottom of the hair switch to a small round brush and bend the ends up, styling from underneath the sections of hair to encourage a flip effect. A styling wax applied sparingly to the ends will help define the flips at the bottom.


African American Hairstyles: Beyonce's Glamorous Curls

Beyonce has hair that almost any woman would die to possess. This style, which is perfect for African American hairstyles, starts with clean hair that has been towel dried to remove excess moisture. Next add a volumizing spray for hold. Divide hair into one and a half inch sections and set in medium sized Velcro rollers.

Either let dry naturally or dry each roller individually with a blow dryer. Just be sure not to hold the blow dryer too close to avoid damaging your hair. Gently unravel the rollers and check to make sure your hair is completely dry. Rake your fingers through the curls to separate them. Use a light hair wax or styling cream to keep any frizz at bay but go lightly. Finish off this sexy African American hairstyle by misting with a light hairspray.

I want more information on my options for styling African American hair. What resources are out there?

Finding Styling Options For African American Hair

For women with African American hair it can be a difficult task to find hairstyling options. Learning where to look can open up a new world for those wanting to change their hair.

The internet is a wonderful resource for finding African American hair styles. Simply type “African American hair” or “black hair” into a search engine and a multitude of results and resources become available. You'll be able to find everything from hair care articles and tips to hairstyle photos. Use the photos to give you styling ideas and don't forget to print out the pictures and take them with you when you visit your stylists.

Magazines are another great resource. Subscribe to magazines specifically tailored for African American women and chances are there will be a plethora of African American hair styling information.


African American Hairstyles: Steal Alicia Key's Look

Alicia Key's long, gorgeous waves are a perfect example of African American hairstyles gone sophisticated. Alicia's hair is cut one length and colored a beautiful dark, chocolate brown.

Styling this African American hairstyle is fairly straight forward. Use a straightening balm and blow dry hair with a large round brush. Give the hair a side part for that sexy, retro look. Next use either a large one inch barrel curling iron or medium sized Velcro rollers to get great waves. If using the curling iron take two inch sections and curl sections up to approximately two and a half to three inches from the scalp. You'll want the top portion of your hair to lay flat to avoid a round look. It also adds to the retro chick of this style.

If you opt for using Velcro rollers for this African American hairstyle take two to three inch sections and wrap them around the rollers. When rolling the hair sections, make sure to aim them downward as opposed to straight up in the air to avoid the style going too puffy. Finger comb the curls out and spray with a light finishing spray to give a touch of hold but still enable movement.

I have long straightened African American hair. I’m really tired of how long it takes me to style my hair. Do you have any suggestions on short hairstyles that are super quick but look great too?

Super Simple African American Hairstyles

Looking for no fuss African American hairstyles? Try going super short with lots of texture for a funky and low key hairstyle. Halle Berry is famous for her cropped black hairstyles that always look cutting edge and chic. To get your own version of this hairstyle have your stylist give you a short haircut using a straight razor. Razoring the hair creates maximum texture and makes creating those messy hairstyles a breeze. The sides and back should be tapered short making this style even easier.

When styling these types of black hairstyles apply a gel or strong hold styling cream to damp hair. Blow dry your hair on a medium setting, using your hands to lift and place the hair while drying. Don't worry about getting the hair perfect at this point. Your main goal when blow drying this type of African American hairstyles is to create volume first.

If your hair is straight you can use a medium sized curling iron or a flat iron to create bend and movement in the hair. Don't go overboard and curl your whole head. A few well placed “bends” looks more natural and adds to the messy factor of these black hairstyles. Next use a strong hold pomade to create movement and texture. Use your fingers to place hair where you want it and define strands. Again, don't get too precise. The charm of these African American hairstyles is they should look chic yet unstructured. If it takes you longer than ten minutes to create this style you're being too picky.


Black Hairstyles: Tyra Banks' Model Perfect Hair

For those wanting a black hairstyle that blends the perfect cut with the perfect color then Tyra Banks is a great example. Get the cut by asking your stylist for hair that sits just at or past the shoulders in length. Next multiple layers are introduced via a razor cut. Layers start around chin length and add lots of body and movement. The addition of a sexy, light auburn hair color will make this great cut out of this world.

When styling you will want to accentuate those amazing layers so add a texturizing cream and blow drying with a large round brush. Be sure to give those layer's ends a little bend to make them stand out more. Enlist the help of a little hair pomade with shine enhancers to give extra definition to the layers of this black hairstyle.


African American Hairstyles: Caring for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can make even the limpest of African American hairstyles full of body and length but they do require specific care to keep them looking their best. Here are some tips on caring for different types of hair extensions.

All human hair extensions used in African American hairstyles should be washed with lukewarm water and a mild, non-conditioning shampoo. Try and wash your hair while in an upright position, like in the shower, and gently run your fingers through your hair. Remove all excess water carefully.

For curly, wavy and corkscrew versions of African American hairstyles with braids it's recommended to spray hair lightly with braid sheen. For curly and wavy types comb with a wide toothed comb and let dry naturally. Corkscrew styles should be separated with your fingers and allowed to air dry.

I've noticed that singer Brandy is wearing her hair really long and curly now. How can I get my hair like hers?

Going To Great Lengths To Get Brandy's Hairstyle

Singer Brandy has been sporting some fabulous curls as of late. Though Brandy's hairstyle looks like it must take hours to accomplish the secret are Brandy's new extensions.

Brandy has teamed up with a company called Ultima, which creates natural looking wigs, hair weaves and hair extensions. Ultima ( claims that its hair pieces style at lower temperatures, always look shiny and healthy, and hold their style for weeks.

To get your own version of Brandy's hairstyle, if you have shorter hair, is to purchase a high quality wig or opt for hair extensions to give you the added length or ease of styling. Always be sure to follow styling instructions for wigs and weaves and extensions. You can style your hair, either your own or “added”, with a small curling iron by wrapping small sections of the hair around a small barreled curling iron. Once the hair is curled, add shine and definition to your curls with a small amount of pomade or styling wax.


African American Hairstyles: Brandi's Long Shag

For those wanting straight African American hairstyles singer Brandi's long wispy shag is a glamorous option to consider.

The cut's length goes well past the shoulders, but a shorter version could also work well. Layers are razor cut into the last few inches of the length and shorter layers are sculpted around the face. Bangs are also razor cut in for more face framing definition.

To style use a combination of a styling cream and anti-frizz serum. Blow dry hair straight with a large vent brush. What makes this style soar is the use of a styling wax to define both the side layers and the bangs. Think sharp, separate pieces so make them stand out


Black Hairstyles: A Style with Attitude

If standing out in a crowd is your thing then Lisa Raye's dramatically two toned black hairstyle is the style to wear.

To achieve this black hairstyle you'll need a cut that that is shoulder length with a lot of razor cut layers from the chin down. You'll also need to add high contrast highlights on much darker hair to get this radical effect. Lisa's style sports a dark brown base with many chunky wheat colored highlights all throughout the top layers only. Don't skimp on the color as it's this bold duo that really makes this style work.

To imitate this black hairstyle you'll need to apply a volumizing spray on damp hair and blow dry with a large round brush. Don't go for any volume on top. Keep your focus on getting body in the bottom portion of this black hairstyle by flipping out your layers as much as possible. Follow up with a large barreled curling iron to accentuate and lock in those flips.

The effect that really makes this black hairstyle stand out is a small pony tail placed on the very crown of the head to give a lion's mane effect. To achieve this, take a one inch by one inch section of hair right at the top crown area of the head and secure with an elastic to make a small pony tail. Next, take a very small section of that pony tail and wrap the entire length of that piece around the base of the pony tail to hide the elastic. Secure this piece of hair with a bobby pin through the base of the pony tail.

Lastly, give the hair in front of the pony tail a dramatic side part and smooth it flat against the head with hair pomade. Use the same pomade to separate pieces of the pony tail and fan it out to drape down over the back portion of the flattened hair. The effect should make the pony tail look like a mini fountain of blonde hair over dark hair. Radical but fun!


African American Hairstyles: Oprah's Hair Style

Most people are well aware that television mogul, Oprah Winfrey, has her own personal hairstylist in Andre Walker. So what are the rest of us to do if we want to copy her African American hairstyle? Here's the low down on how Andre keeps Oprah's curls looking so fabulous.

On damp hair use a nickel-sized dollop of Fredrick Fekkai Finishing Polish with Olive Oil and comb this cocktail through the hair. For maximum fullness, dry the hair with a hair diffuser. Next curl small sections of the hair with a medium sized curling iron where needed to give extra curl definition. A little finishing spray for hold and Oprah's African American hairstyle is yours.


African American Hairstyles: Avoid Itching Scalps from Braids

One of the most low maintenance African American hairstyles is to have the hair put in braids either at the front and sides of the hair or throughout the entire head. But having the hair braided so tightly to the scalp can cause problems.

One of the problems associated with these African American hairstyles are that too much stress on the hair from these tight braids can cause the hair to begin falling out. The best way to counteract this problem is to go to a professional salon that specializes in braiding African American hairstyles. Know someone who has awesome braids? Ask them where they get their hair done and if they're happy with the service and results.

So you've got the perfect braids you wanted but now your scalp is itching. This is not uncommon with braided African American hairstyles but there are products on the market to combat this side effect. Try a product such as Better Braids medicated spray. This spray will relieve itching, condition the hair and scalp as well as help remove dandruff flakes if necessary.

How can I get super long hair?

Get Tyra Bank's Long ANTM Photo Shoot Tresses

If you find yourself coveting Tyra Bank's long fiery auburn locks from her America's Next Top Model photo shoot, you have three choices when it comes to getting them yourself.

One- Don't cut your hair for a while. Keep all drying styling products out of it. Either leave it natural or braid it (remember: no drying products!) to keep it out of your face. Keep those braids loose, pulling too hard tends to break hair when it doesn't pull it out by the roots. No relaxers either - while they may make your hair look a little longer now, they tend to damage hair to the point that they break long before they get to truly long lengths. Once your hair has grown to the appropriate length, then you can go to the cosmetologist, get your relaxer and after an appropriate amount of time your auburn color. Remember to cross your fingers and say your prayers that these processes don't ruin your hair. Finally, run some conditioning molding product through the hair and use a large barrel curling iron all over. Assuming you've watched your diet and worked out like crazy for the last ten to twenty years, you are now ready to face the cameras. Too bad you are now too old to audition for ANTM.

Two- Take the most common route and get extensions. Celebrities like Tyra can afford high quality extensions that are actually bonded to their natural hair. These are too long for regular glue to hold effectively, so if you don't have the dough for bonded extensions, go the braid and sew route. This type of extension is nothing new and is less damaging to your real hair than either of the other two types. For a natural look, use 100 percent human hair. You will want to take the extensions to your colorist so she can either color the extensions and your hair at the same time, or if you've managed to find super long extensions in just the right color, she can match your hair to them. Expect to spend a good amount of time at the colorist; she will need time to get test strands just right before tackling your natural hair.

Three- Do it the easy way and buy a wig. This is the easiest way to get great long locks. You can go to a quality wig shop and select a super long wig in either a synthetic or natural human hair. Before deciding human hair is best, consider that the hair in this case is not permanently or semi-permanently attached to your own so the need to blend is not as great. Human hair is more expensive but you can dye it. If you find a synthetic in the right cut and color, it will probably hold the style better and the color indefinitely . Both can be trimmed and today's synthetics are not nearly as obvious as they once were. Take your time and try on both kinds at the shop. Before you leave with your purchase, have the storekeeper advise you on the best ways to attach your wig and keep it solidly on your head. You don't want the giant fan to blow your great Tyra hair away right in the middle of your audition!


African American Hairstyles: Ashanti's Amazing Hairstyle

Ashanti's gorgeous combination of bold highlights and a face framing cut make this African American hairstyle a perfect 10.

A great addition to dark brown, African American hairstyles is bold, caramel colored highlights. Ashanti's are concentrated on the sides and front with the boldest highlight being right in front and sweeping across one eye. The cut is mostly one length but what makes this style stand out are the razor cut wisps around the face that start just below the chin.

Use a styling cream in damp hair and blow dry with a large round brush. Pay extra attention to the layers around the face by directing them in and giving them obvious curve. Take a very small amount of styling wax and define wisps around the face to make them stand out. This African American hairstyle is best for medium to thick hair.


Black Hairstyles: Toni Braxton's Hairstyle

Toni Braxton's black hairstyle benefits from lots of layering that allows her to flip the ends for a playful style. Slightly longer than shoulder length hair has multiple layers carved into it via a razor cut. The bangs are left longer and swept to the sides to frame the face but not hide it. The addition of a rich red hair color brightens Toni's face and allows the layers to appear more defined.

Use a volumizing spray on damp hair, concentrating application on the roots of the hair. Start blow drying this black hairstyle from the bottom up, pinning up the top sections to get them out of your way. Using a medium sized round brush, style by placing the round brush on top of the section you are drying and blow drying hair from underneath. Pay careful attention to the ends making sure to flip them upwards when drying. Repeat for all sections until you come to the very top. In this section you'll want to concentrate on getting lift at the roots by holding the hair sections you're drying up and come at them from underneath with the blow dryer.

To finish off this black hairstyle use a medium sized curling iron and bend the last inch of a few layers throughout the hair to accentuate the flicking effect. Use a light misting of finishing spray to set and then mist with a spray on hair glosser to allow all those fabulous layers to catch the light.


African American Hairstyles: The Color and Perm Combination

Many women with African American hairstyles utilize both relaxing perms and color to achieve the hairstyle they want. While too many chemical processes can be damaging to the hair, they can coincide as long as it's done in the right order.

When using both perms and colors always perm or relax your hair first. The chemicals in perms cause the hair's outer layer, called the cuticle, to open. The process of opening up the cuticle of the hair will release any color that's been deposited, which will have half of your new color rinsing down the drain. That is why those with African American hairstyles should perm first, wait approximately a week, then proceed with coloring your hair.


African American Hairstyles: Jada Pinkett Smith's Ringlets

Celebrity Jada Pinkett Smith's beautiful head of spiral curls is enough to make any woman want this African American hairstyle. To get your own version have your stylist cut the length of your hair to just below the shoulders. Next the sides and areas around the face are razor cut to add volume and definition.

Styling this African American hairstyle begins with a styling cream applied to damp hair. Using a diffuser on the end of your blow dryer, slowly dry hair while scrunching the curl, and finish with a little light hair wax to separate curls and add shine.

For black hairstyles, ask your stylist if a golden brown color would compliment your skin tone.

Black Hairstyles: Eve's Golden Brown Locks

For a black hairstyle that's understated yet glamorous try a style like Eve's. Her gorgeous, golden brown hair color makes her complexion glow and shows off her loose waves perfectly.

The cut is kept long with slight layering at the ends while the full bang is cut eyebrow length and razor cut at the ends to avoid them being too blunt against the face. To get this black hairstyle mist sections of slightly damp hair with a spray gel. Set on medium sized Velcro rollers and let air dry. Meanwhile, mist bangs with spray gel and blow dry with a vent brush. When hair is completely dried removed rollers gently and, with a tiny amount of styling wax coating your fingers, separate curls with you hands. Use the same hair wax to give a piece-y look to your bangs. Finish up this black hairstyle with a light misting of hair spray.


Black Hairstyles: Alfre Woodard's Desperately Great Style

Wisteria Lane's style factor went another notch up when the character of Betty Applewhite, played by Alfre Woodard, moved in. This black hairstyle is a nod towards casual curls that still look well put together.

This multi-layer black hairstyle relies on layers being longer on top and gradually tapering down to a short shag on the sides and back. Make sure to keep enough length on the sides and back to balance out the longer top portion. A full bang is also cut into the style.

To style this black hairstyle use a volumizing gel and a hair diffuser to gently dry curls without frizz. Work the sides and back up and out with a small round brush for that messy look. End with a finishing spray.

What is a good look that will last a while?

Copy Alicia Keys' Classic Braids

If you like the low maintenance look of Alicia Keys' classic cornrows, this is a look that you can get with relative ease. Cornrows are very difficult to do on yourself, so visit your cosmetologist or natural hair stylist and ask for this look. If you are skilled at braiding, perhaps you can trade off with a friend and the two of you can sport the Keys style.

Cornrows are not restricted to those of a darker complexion either. Remember that Bo Derek wore this sexy look in the 1979 hit, 10.

There are three great things about cornrows. One, they keep your hair out of your face and last for weeks. Two, you are not restricted as to the patterns you can make. Do them like Miss Keys, work them straight back from the face or make complex designs with them. Variety adds interest and beauty. Three, if your hair is not as long as you would like, cornrows take well to added hair in the form of extensions. Just take a tip and make sure the hair matches your own. Cornrows show off changes rather than hide them. There is nothing that screams "fake" like the color change from your dark natural hair to light extensions.

Note: This is a look that really shows off your pretty face. Don't try this look in the middle of a break out or other complexion crisis.


African American Hairstyles: Get Halle Berry's Style

Few people exude style and grace like Halle Berry. Her signature short and sassy locks with flipped sides and back are definitely worth coveting. For your own version of this African American hairstyle ask your stylist to use a straight razor to cut your hair. This razor cut should give multiple layers and texture to the hair for lots of wild movement.

To style this African American hairstyle use a mixture of straightening balm and styling gel to get both smoothness and hold. Using a two inch boar bristle brush, begin at the back and roll hair up to give lift and flip ends out. Repeat this process, directing the hair as you roll, and dry to get the look you want. Save the crown area for last and give the most volume here. The hair should not look too neat when done…think fabulously messy. Mist with a light finishing spray and you're done.

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