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I love Nicole Richie’s bob hairstyle. Can you give me any tips on styling my hair like hers?

Nicole Richie's Hairstyles: The Ultimate Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

When it comes to celebrity bob hairstyles few have hit the mark better than Nicole Richie's hairstyles. From her sleek chin length bob with long sweeping bangs to a retro version with 1920s inspired waves, she makes the bob look better than it has in years.

For the straight bob, begin by applying volumizing foam to damp hair. Using a large round brush (or vent brush in a pinch), blow dry the hair straight. To get the fuller bottom of this type of celebrity bob hairstyle, use a large barrel curling iron to bend the ends under. Mimic Nicole's side swept bangs by blow drying them to the side with your brush and spraying them into place with a light hold hairspray.

The wavy version of Nicole Richie's hairstyle is achieved by applying a styling lotion to damp hair and blow drying the hair straight with a large round brush. Small sections of hair are then wrapped spiral style around a large barreled curling iron. Finger comb your curled hair into soft waves and spray with a light hold hairspray. To avoid creating too much volume on top, stop curling the hair approximately two inches from the roots. To further glam up this version of a celebrity bob hairstyle, pin one side back with a vintage-style jeweled hair clip.

What hairstyle matches a bubbly personality?

Jennifer Garner's Soft and Pretty Haircut

If there has been one hairstyle that perfectly fits Jennifer Garner's fun and bubbly personality, it's the one she wore for her role as Jenna Rink in the 2007 movie, 13 Going on 30. This look is full of body and bounce, yet looks soft and youthful, with bangs that frame her ever smiling face.

To get a great look like Jennifer's you will need straight or wavy hair with medium to full thickness. Have your stylist give you a shoulder length cut, with some fairly thick bangs and light layering done with a razor at the ends.

To style, shampoo and condition, then run some volumizing mousse through your hair and blow dry upside down. Once your hair is completely dry, put just a few drops (about pea size) of frizz reducing/shine enhancing serum in your palms and work it through your hair. Next, roll large sections of your hair on large hot rollers. You should only need about eight rollers to do your whole head. After you put the last roller in, run your bangs through a narrow plated flat iron, using your wrist to give them a soft "underflip." Next take the rollers down, starting with the first one you put in. It is alright if the rollers are not completely cool. Using large sections of hair and not allowing the rollers to cool completely will give your hair just a hint of soft wave like Ms. Garner's. Finally, take a pic and pick through your hair, parting it far to one side for top volume. You shouldn't need teasing or hairspray, and if you can avoid them this style should last you two to three days.

How can I get a consistently pretty style?

Deborah Norville's Professional Host Look

Deborah Norville has been in the public eye as the host of Inside Edition for over a decade now. Her signature blond locks have changed in that time, but only as minor updates. Deborah's stylists know that consistency is one of the keys to getting the public to trust you. And that consistency crosses over, even into a signature hairstyle.

To get a style like Deborah's, visit your cosmetologist and ask for a long shag. This should be an updated and slightly longer version of the "Rachel" cut Jennifer Aniston made so popular in the 1990s. This cut should give you lots of movement, with pretty, choppy layers that end between your chin and your shoulders.

To style your hair at home, apply a little volumizing gel to the roots and dry your hair upside down. This will provide volume at the roots. Once your hair is completely dry, roll your hair all over in large hot rollers and allow the hair to cool completely. When cool, take the rollers down and shake your hair out with your fingers. With the long end of a rat tail comb, you can then part your hair in a wide zigzag formation. The zigzag hides much of the part and offers extra volume. If your hair tends to fall flat, tease it just a little at the crown and then smooth hair over the teasing so it doesn't show. Spray just a little spray on the long end of the comb, and use it to pick through the hair, cutting in pretty sectioning. Once your style is set, a light misting of shine enhancing hairspray will add sheen and help keep it all in place.

I have really thick hair and it’s getting to be a pain to have it so long. Can you suggest a hairstyle that will still leave me some length but isn’t such a drag to style?

Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair

While having thick hair may be a dream for some women, for those that do have it, they know that the gorgeous mane comes with some styling issues. Thick hair can feel very heavy, take ages to style and sit like a blanket on your head if not cut correctly. To make the most out of your thick hair, try opting for medium hairstyles that give you easy styling options.

Shag hairstyles are perfect for thick hair as they get rid of a lot of the weight associated with this hair type. Medium hairstyles in the shag style give you loads of styling versatility as you can wear your hair either down or up for more formal events.

To snag the perfect shag, ask your stylist to cut your hair into long layers that begin at cheek level. For added texture, the ends of your layers should be razored for a wispy effect. Add a wispy bang to frame the face. To style, use a texturizing spray and blow dry your hair with a diffuser to encourage any natural wave you may have. Define the ends with pomade and spritz with a light holding hairspray.

How can I style layered hair?

Susan Lucci's Layered Curls

Susan Lucci has been a style icon for decades. With her Emmy winning (finally!) role as Erica Kane on All My Children, she has brought a sassy lady with classy curls to our televisions since 1970. One great thing about Susan's look is that it is fairly timeless. This means she hasn't dated herself by holding on to a 70s "Farrah" or a 90s "Rachel." Indeed, Susan's medium length layers look just as great today as they did when Erica Kane was just about to hatch her first naughty plan.

To get a look like Susan's, you'll need to ask your cosmetologist to cut some all over layers and bangs into medium length hair. While hair is still damp, add some root lift or volumizing gel to the root area and blow dry upside down to give hair volume. Once your hair is completely dry, use a medium barrel curling iron to curl hair all over. Work the iron forward so the hair to either side curls in and frames your face. Use the iron to smooth your bangs over your forehead as well. If your curls don't take exactly right, a small amount of hairspray, sprayed directly on the hair before wrapping it in the iron will force the curls to hold. Next, you will need to tease just slightly all around the crown to give added volume to the style. Then smooth the top section of hair over with a comb. Keep the curling iron handy in case the teasing ruins any of your curls. When you are finished with the curling iron and teasing, take the long end of a rat-tail comb and pick gently through the curls, setting each in place. Finally, a light spritzing with some shine enhancing hairspray will add sheen and keep the style in place.

Remember, this look is just a little bit high maintenance. It takes a little extra effort to style and requires regular trips to the salon to keep it trimmed. But the effect is worth it, and if Erica Kane can't be just a little high maintenance, who can?

I got a new haircut two weeks ago and I’m so disappointed. I thought I’d be able to make it look like the stylist did but it always ends up a frizzy mess. Do you have any suggestions on picking a better style that I can manage?

Learning To Cope With Your New Hairstyles

New hairstyles can be exhilarating when you walk out of the salon, but that excitement can turn to dread the first time you have to recreate the style at home. Learn to love your new hairstyle right from the beginning with these helpful tips.

Choose wisely. One of the most important steps in creating a great new hairstyle relationship is to choose a new hairstyle that will work for you. Take your hair texture and type into consideration when deciding on a new style. Those with curly hair should stick to styles that play up and work with your curls. Those with straight hair should stick to sleeker styles unless they want to spend a lot of time with a curling iron. If you have fine hair, stay away from hairstyles that are good for a thick mane of luscious hair as you'll only end up cursing your limp attempt at recreating it.

Take you style savvy and time into consideration. OK, so you've found the perfect hairstyle and it'll work with your hair — providing you mousse it, dry it, set it, tease it and play with it some more. If you've got time on your hands in the morning, great! But, if your morning routine allows for a maximum of 10 minutes for hairstyling, you're new ‘do is going to resemble a ponytail most mornings. Be realistic with the new hairstyles you covet. Ask your stylist how long it will take to recreate this style in the morning and steer clear of styles that are beyond your capabilities.

One of the best ways to learn how to style new hairstyles is to watch a pro in action. Once your hair has been cut, pay careful attention to how your stylist blow dries and styles your hair. What products does she use? Does she use a round brush or a vent brush? Don't be afraid to ask questions and don't leave the salon without knowing what products and tools you'll need at home.

How can I get a medium length style similar to Jennifer Aniston's?

Jennifer Aniston's Classic Bob

Jennifer Aniston is known for having gorgeous, straight hair with great body. When Jennifer's hair isn't really short but isn't really long, you will often find her in a pretty bob that comes just past her shoulders.

To get this look, you will need to have hair that is at least shoulder length. Have your cosmetologist blunt cut your hair evenly across. One thing you never see on Jennifer is bangs, so if you have them grow them out. Hair is generally more versatile without them anyway.

To style your hair like Ms. Aniston:

1) Add a little volumizing gel to the roots of damp hair and blow dry upside down using a Denman brush. The gel will give you added volume at the roots, while the brush helps to straighten hair as it dries.

2) Once your hair is fully dry, take a quality flat iron, like a Sedu, and run it through your hair from roots to tips. Be careful to only do a small section of hair at a time as using too large a section will be much less effective and will cause you to have to make more passes than necessary. Using smaller sections ensures you only have to go over the hair once. Keep the iron moving; holding it in one place will cause unnecessary damage to your hair.

3) Put a little glossing serum, like Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Work the serum into dry hair. Be careful to only use a little as overdoing it will make your hair look greasy. A drop about the size of a nickel in your palm should be enough for shoulder length hair. This will add sheen and keep frizz at bay.

4) Comb hair gently into place. You may part it either at the center or to the side, as Jennifer is known for doing both.

Keep in mind, Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles always look polished. Split ends can ruin a great style. To maintain a great look like hers, get to the salon at least every six to eight weeks for a trim.

What is a nice style for thick hair?

Jamie Lynn Sigler's Pretty Waves

Jamie Lynn Sigler of Sopranos fame has beautiful, full wavy hair. Jamie's hair is naturally thick with nice texture. If your hair is medium length and fairly thick you can get a style similar to Jamie's. Just follow these tips:

1) Use products that create volume or take advantage of natural fullness. Vavoom by Matrix is one example of a product line designed to give hair great body.

2) Shampoo and condition hair, then add a little volumizing gel or root lift to the roots. If your hair tends to be frizzy an anti-frizz serum, like Blow In Control, can be smoothed through the rest of the hair, avoiding the roots. Blow dry hair upside down to add fullness.

3) Create big waves like Jamie's by rolling your hair in large hot rollers or curling all over with a large barrel curling iron. If you use hot rollers, leave them in until they cool, which gives them time to really set the curl.

4) Once hair is curled all over, shake it out gently with your fingers. Then, take the long end of a rat-tail comb and part hair over to one side. Once hair is parted, use your fingers again to work the waves into place.

5) If you need to control frizz, a few more drops of serum worked through dry hair should get it under control.

6) If you don't have quite as much natural body as Jamie you can tease the hair a little at the roots to create volume, then lay smooth hair over the top. If hair doesn't tease as easily as you would like, a little hairspray on the comb should help.

7) Finally, if you need it, a little shine enhancing hairspray will add sheen and keep your hair in place.

What is a good look now that I an ready to cut off my long hair?

Nicole Richie's Modern Bob

When Nicole Richie cut off her long hair after "The Simple Life 3," her look went from trashy to classy almost overnight. The pretty cut brought with it an air of maturity not formerly seen on the starlet and helped her to become more relatable to many people not in the 12-21 crowd.

To get a look like Nicole's, have your cosmetologist cut your hair into an above the shoulders bob. In the front, have some long, slightly angled bangs cut in. Your bangs should actually be long enough that if pulled straight down they fall to your cheekbones in the front. This length of bangs actually brings with it some versatility, as bangs this long can be pulled back out of the face into high ponytails or French braids.

To style your hair like Nicole, first you need to think about the amount of volume your hair naturally has. If you have plenty of body naturally, wash and condition your hair, then run a fair amount of frizz reducing mousse, like John Frieda's Frizz Ease through the hair. Follow by blow drying with a Denman brush which will pull your hair straight. If your hair could use some help in the volume department, apply some volumizing gel to the roots of your hair and blow dry upside down using a Denman or vent brush. This will add volume while helping pull the hair straight.

When the hair is dry, use a high quality flat iron, like a Sedu, to pull it straight, turning under slightly at the ends. Remember not to put too much hair in the iron at once, as you will have better results running small sections of hair through the iron once rather than large sections again and again. Keep the iron moving as well; holding it on one area of the hair for too long will cause unnecessary damage. For the bangs, Nicole's are swept gently to the side. Run the flat iron through this section of hair and use your wrist to create a gentle, almost feathered, "flip" on the ends. Once your hair is just as you like it, you may either run a little (think sweet pea size) shine serum, like John Frieda's Frizz Ease Hair Serum through it, or lightly mist with shine enhancing hairspray to add sheen and keep it in place.

What is a retro look I can use on medium length hair?

Ashley Judd's Medium Length Retro Look

Ashley Judd has been seen out and about in a gorgeous retro 40s look that recalls Hollywood's glamour days. If your hair is about shoulder length and not overly layered, you can get this look too. Just follow these simple tips.

1) Wash your hair, then run setting lotion throughout.

2) Comb your hair flat to your head with a part far off on one side, then force "finger waves" across your scalp from just below the crown to just below the tops of your ears. Finger waves are created by holding the hair to the head and moving the hair back and forth in "waves" with a comb. If need be, recruit an assistant to help you.

3) Set the hair that falls below the finger waves on medium size magnetic rollers. Set vertically for a look like Ashley's, with the front rollers coming toward the face. If you like more of a pageboy set under. For a flip, use large rollers instead and set the rollers so they roll up to the outside.

4) Next, either cover with a scarf and let hair dry naturally (best if you have time) or sit under a bonnet dryer.

5) Once you are certain your hair is completely dry, take the rollers out and gently comb through your hair from the part down, breaking up any setting lotion that remains.

6) Because your hair was against your head while it dried, you will need to add height at the crown. Take a section of hair about an inch wide from the part and push it to the side. Then tease the hair at the crown. If your hair doesn't tease easily, a little hairspray will help. Once you have enough backcombing to give a little lift on top, take the section you put to the side and smooth it over the teased area.

7) With the long end of a rat tail comb, gently work any out of place hair back into place. Fluff your curls from underneath with your fingers.

8) Finish it off with some shine enhancing hairspray to add sheen and keep it in place.

Feel free to use pretty barrettes on one or both sides to pull your hair up behind your ears. Ms. Judd often wears her hair like this and it brings a glamorous, yet innocent look to her style.

How can I get that great beach look if I can't get to the beach?

Rachel Hunter's Beautiful Beach Waves

Rachel Hunter's pretty reddish blond waves always have that great style that says she spent all day at the beach, even if she hasn't been near the coast for months. You can get a fun beach style like Rachel's without hitting the sand by using products made to copy the ocean's effects.

Wash your hair and condition if needed. Then squeeze out excess water and add some frizz fighting serum like John Frieda's Frizz Ease. Work the serum evenly through the hair, then towel dry. Take a wide tooth comb or a vent brush and work any tangles gently out of your hair. Next, add a product like John Frieda's Ocean Waves Texturizing Spray or Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray generously throughout the hair, working it through with your fingers. Now just let your hair air dry, scrunching occasionally if you really want to work up some curls. Once your hair is dry, evaluate whether you want to add a little more frizz serum. Just a little wildness sometimes adds to the sex appeal, after all you want to look like you just spent all day at the beach.

What can I do to make growing out my hair easier?

Stuck in the Middle: Growing Out Short Hair

When you are growing out your hair from a short cut, you always go through that awful it's not long, but it's not short phase. To survive this phase without wanting to give up and cut it or worse--grab it in big handfuls and rip it out by the roots, try these simple tips:

Remember your hair type: Short or long, your hair grows the same. Purchase products designed for your hair type, but . . .

Keep it conditioned: The one exception to the above rule is the fact that as hair gets longer the ends have been subjected to more damage. As hair grows out its nature will not change (straight, curly, oily, dry) but its texture may due to damage over time. Keep your hair in good shape by using deep conditioners whenever needed and a crème rinse every time you shampoo.

Make friends with accessories: One of the worst things about growing out short hair is the point in the middle where it is too long to stay out of your face but too short to do much else with. Barrettes and combs may be the answer to your problem and they are less damaging than overdoing it trying to tame hair with too much heat or too many products.

Get a good flat iron: Hair that is growing out tends to look better straight. It shows new length faster which keeps you from getting frustrated. Get a high quality flat iron, like a Sedu, and use it anytime you want to leave your hair down.

See Your Stylist: When growing your hair out the tendency is to want to salvage every bit of length by never cutting it at all. But, regular trips to the cosmetologist will actually help you in your quest. You not only want long hair, you want long healthy hair. Regular trips to the salon will help you eliminate those split ends that cause hair to look frizzy. In addition, hair does not grow evenly all over your head. It may grow considerably faster in one area than in another. Regular trims will help you maintain some sense of style in between.

I love Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyles. What are some of her most popular ones that are still in style now?

Jennifer Aniston's Hairstyles: From Bobbed To Long

Very few people have had as big an impact on popular hairstyles as Jennifer Aniston. From the Rachel shag to Jennifer's sleek Sedu styles, millions of women have sought to copy Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles.

Back in 2001, Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles took on a shorter silhouette with a blunt chin length bob. The ends were layered ever so slightly at the bottom to create a casual flip. The layers around the face were cut shorter to frame the chin area and the style was blown dry straight and sleek. Proving that she is ever the trendsetter, today this version of Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles is just as popular as more people are discovering the bob.

If long and straight is more your style, create your own version of Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle by using the now famous Sedu flat iron. Add a styling lotion to your damp hair and blow dry your hair straight with a large round brush. Use the flat iron, from root to tip, to completely smooth out your locks for that ultra sleek look. Finish off the ends of your hair with a dab of styling wax for definition.

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