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I have very short hair, how can I get curls?

Braids and Curls

When you want to wear curls but your hair is too short, consider trying a style like Heather Headley's. Her pretty curls spring from tiny braids all over her head. If your hair is too short for curls, braids like this are the perfect way to add extensions that move into great curls. Follow these steps, and you'll have perfect curls overnight.

For the best results, get human hair extensions that are already permed and match your own hair color-wise. Then enlist the assistance of your cosmetologist or natural hair stylist to braid the extensions into your hair. Often two or more stylists will work at once to put a style like this together. Braid the extensions two or more inches into your own hair, ensuring they have a good grip on one another. Try to make this a fairly even length all over. Then take each of the spirals that come off the braids and put a little molding wax on them to hold the perfect curl. Use very little, you can always add more product if you need to. Once the braided curls are in place, you can take a hot curling iron and touch up the curls wherever it is needed.

I have very curly hair and would like some ideas on how to wear it. I’d look to the celebrities but they all seem to have straight hair these days.

Curly Celebrity Hairstyles: Showing Off Those Curls

Those with curly hair are often looking to similar celebrity hairstyles to give them ideas on how to wear their out of control hair. While straight or slightly wavy hair does seem to prevail in Hollywood, there are some celebrities with curly hair who are playing up their curls and wearing them proudly.

American Idol winner Jordan Sparks is the perfect example of curls gone right. The key to shiny, frizz-free curls is all in the products you use. First you must start with healthy hair. Curly hair tends to be prone to dryness so make sure you're using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. To keep your curls tame and defined, try using hair products that are designed specifically for curly hair. To imitate those perfect celebrity hairstyles, blow dry your hair with a diffuser and touch up curls with a medium sized curling iron. Use small amounts of hair wax to define and shape each curl.

Another celebrity with curly hair is Julianna Margulies of ER fame. To get great curl and volume like Julianna's hairstyle, apply an anti-frizz product to damp hair and blow dry with a diffuser attachment. Flip your head upside down and gently massage the roots of your hair to give them lift. Once the roots and first few inches of your hair are dry, flip your head upright and scrunch the rest into place. Use a dab more of the anti-frizz serum on your dry curls to tame any fly away hairs and you'll have fabulously big curls just like the stars!

My wavy hair is frizzy, how can I get controlled curls without tons of mousse or gel?

Turn Wavy Hair Into Polished Curls

When she's not filming, Scarlett Johansson often wears her naturally wavy hair in soft curls. Wavy hair is often frizzy when left on its own. These tips will help you get Scarlet-like soft and polished curls.

1) Wash and either let your hair air dry or blow dry it on a low heat setting.

2) Set hair all over in medium size hot rollers. Don't put more hair on a roller than it can handle. The rule of thumb is to place the roller against your head and section off a piece of hair in the size of the roller. If you have very thick hair, this may take more than one set of rollers.

3) Let the rollers cool completely before removing them. If you remove them while they are still hot, the curls may not set properly.

4) Once rollers are out, do not use any more combs or brushes; use your hands only. Put a little laminate in the palm of your hand (about the size of a pea) and rub your hands together. Then work the laminate gently through your curls. This will add shine and eliminate any remaining frizz.

Now you can wear your new soft curls down, add accessories or pin it up and let then fall in tendrils. The curls should last all day, and the soft shine will last for two to three days while the curls soften into gentle waves.

What is a pretty curly style for naturally wavy hair?

Laura Prepon's Long Loose Curls

On the set of "That 70s Show," Laura Prepon played the pretty redhead next door. For the part of Donna, Laura often wore her hair straight or let it fall into its soft natural waves. Lately however, Laura has been seen out and about with her hair done in long loose curls.

To get pretty curls like Laura wore to the "2005 Divas Live" concert, start by washing and blow drying hair upside down to add fullness at the roots. Then part your far off to one side, teasing underneath the larger section of hair to give volume at the top. Smooth the rest of the hair over, then taking the hair one section at a time, create "Nellie Olsen" like curls by curling one section at a time with a medium barrel curling iron. Wait for the curls to cool, then break them up gently, one at a time using the long end of a rat-tail comb. When you have the curls just right, finish off the style with a light dose of shine enhancing hair spray to keep your style in place.

How can I get an easy curly look?

Alyssa Milano's Easy Spirals

When she's in the public eye, Alyssa Milano is usually dressed "to the nines" with her hair done up for a special occasion. But when Alyssa is just being Alyssa, you are likely to find she's got her hair down in the easy spirals that come naturally to her long, lightly curly brown hair.

If your hair has a gentle curl to it too, you can get Alyssa-like spirals by following these easy steps.

Use products designed to make the most of curly hair from shampoo to finished style. Lines like L'Oreal's Studio Line have products to help you make the most of your look every step of the way.

Shampoo and condition, then comb the hair with a wide tooth comb. Then while hair is still wet, apply mousse or spray gel throughout, finger combing the product through. Next, either allow hair to air dry (best) or blow dry on a cool setting. When your hair is almost dry, run a laminate like Spray Shine over it, gently finger combing it through as well. Your hair should now dry the rest of the way in soft spirals that fall down your back. Once hair is completely dry you may then use a curling iron on your bangs (if you need it) or some shine enhancing spray to keep your hair in place.

To maintain your look, make sure you see your cosmetologist every six to eight weeks for regular trims that will keep your style intact and eliminate those annoying split ends.

How can I get nice curls into my afro?

Beyonce's Premier Afro

Beyonce Knowles usually wears her hair straight or in large loose curls, but she took on a whole different persona to play Foxy Cleopatra in the hit Goldmember. For the Goldmember premier, she wore a toned down version of her movie look, with a beautiful blond afro full of gorgeous curls that make her look just like a living doll.

If your hair has a curl pattern that is too tight to form pretty predictable curls, talk to your cosmetologist about a "reverse perm." This is a relaxing treatment that uses an ammonium thioglycolate perm solution to do the work. Your hair will be rolled on traditional perm rods and the solution will change your super tight curls into loose spirals. It is called a reverse perm because instead of making straight hair curly, it makes your extremely curly hair less so, without taking it all the way to straight, like a relaxer treatment would. If you like Beyonce's blond Goldmember look, have your hair colored after the reverse perm; ammonium thioglycolate will lighten your hair slightly, and doing the perm-color processes in the opposite order may give you a color that is too light to suit you.

An afro like Beyonce's is not the easiest hairstyle to maintain. To take care of it you will need to use products designed to take care of your special kind of curls. StaSofFro products come highly recommended. To keep your afro looking nice, maintain your cut with regular trims that cut away the frizziest split ends and keep your hair looking nice. Taking this simple step in conjunction with deep conditioning treatments will do wonders for ensuring your afro always looks like it is in top shape.

Can you tell me about a classic curly style?

Elisha Cuthbert's Classic Curls

She may be The Girl Next Door, but Elisha Cuthbert looked like a real glamour doll when she showed up for the premier of House of Wax in 2005. This classic look takes a little old fashioned hairdressing, so if you've got straight to slightly wavy hair, just follow these tips to get this great look.

Shampoo and condition hair. Then apply setting lotion to the entire head. Take a wide tooth comb and comb the crown of your hair in place. Next, take traditional magnetic rollers and roll the remaining hair into them. To decide how far up to go, imagine a string tied around your head, right at the tops of your ears. Roll everything under that "string" into medium size rollers, keeping everything above the "string" flat against your head. You will want to work the rollers so when you are done, they sit vertically against your head, with the openings at the top and bottom.

Once all the hair has been rolled, either sit under a traditional bonnet dryer, or if you have time, put a scarf on and go about your day while letting the hair dry naturally.

When you are certain your hair is thoroughly dry, take the rollers out and comb the style out carefully with a wide tooth comb. Be gentle, doing just enough to break up any remaining setting lotion and get your curls just where you want them. At this point, all it should take to finish is a little shine enhancing hair spray to pump up the gloss and hold your style in place.

What is a simple, romantic celebrity hairstyle?

Nicole Kidman's Romantic Curly Ponytail

To get an incredibly romantic look, like the softly curly ponytail Nicole Kidman often wears, just follow these easy steps.

1) Set dry hair all over in medium size hot rollers. Be careful to only wrap as much hair on each roller as the roller can easily handle. The best way to determine this is to place the roller against your head to help you judge, then section off only as much hair area as the roller covers. Then let the rollers cool completely before taking them down.

2) Once the rollers are taken out, use only your fingers to work your hair. Combs and brushes will unravel the pretty curls you've just created.

3) Gently pull your hair back into a ponytail, leaving the very front section of your hair loose. Position the ponytail at the base of your skull, where your head attaches to your neck, and secure with a non-damaging elastic. It is all right if your hair doesn't look like it's been combed straight back to the elastic. Let the little nuances of your fingers show.

4) Now, if you would like, you can use a medium barrel curling iron on the tendrils you left out of the ponytail to frame your face. Let these be soft and loose. You may find you don't need the curling iron at all.

5) Finally, use a little shine enhancing hair spray all over to boost the sheen and keep the hair in place. Then tie a ribbon around the ponytail elastic to match your outfit and polish off the look.

What is the best way to grow out curly hair?

Growing Out Curly Hair

When Keri Russel cut off her long naturally curly locks at the height of her series's success, she single handedly doomed the once wildly popular "Felicity." How was Keri to know her fans were more attached to her hair than they were to her character? But, at the same time, how could we not fall in love with her masses and masses of light brown waves?

If you've been keeping your naturally curly hair short and would now like to grow it out, keep these tips in mind.

1) Have patience --your hair will take longer to show growth than straight hair. But as Keri proves in her latest project Waitress , the final result will be worth the wait.

2) Take care of your hair . This is a good tip for while you are growing out and beyond. For the best results, use a gentle line that is designed to work with curly hair from shampoo to finished style. Air dry your hair whenever possible and try to restrict the use of heat and damaging elastics.

3) Get to the salon . Even though you are growing your hair out, you should get to the salon every six to eight weeks for a trim. The little bit your stylist must cut off to get rid of split ends will pay off in a more polished look and reduced frizz.

4) Make friends with accessories . It's easier to get through the awkward growing out phase with curly hair if you learn to make good use of barrettes, combs and non-damaging elastics. If you leave your hair down too much while growing it out, you may be tempted to use too many damaging products on it. If you use accessories to control and dress up your hair while it is growing out it will continue to look pretty while slowly gaining length.

What steps should I take to take advantage of naturally curly hair?

Lots of Naturally Curly Hair

As an actress, Bernadette Peters always works her best selling point; she has "lots and lots of naturally curly hair." If you too have piles of curly red (or brown, or blond, you get the picture) hair and you want to look more like Ms. Peters than Annie, just follow these simple tips.

1) Use products designed to work with your hair from shampoo to finished style . One line that works well for naturally curly hair is Frizz Ease by John Frieda. These products help you make the most of your curls while battling the enemy of polished curly hairstyles--frizz.

2) Get a good cut . For the best results, find a stylist who is used to working with long curly hair and who can cut your hair into a style that works for you. Keep in mind, long layers usually work better than blunt cuts, which tend to "stack" curly hair.

3) Use enough product . While many hairstyles need very little product, making it easy to overdo, natural curls are often very frizzy if left on their own. Use enough mousse or spray gel to properly coat the hair. Don't overdo it right away though, it is easy to add more product, but nearly impossible to get it out without washing and starting over. Put a modest amount in at first, then add a little at a time until the hair is properly covered.

4) Avoid damaging habits . Blow dryers, flat irons and rubber bands all cause damage and add to the potential for unwanted frizz. Whenever possible let your hair air dry, find styles that take advantage of your curls, and only use non damaging accessories in your hair. Also remember, don't brush hair with stiff products in it. This will cause it to break. Try to avoid these, or at least, shampoo the product out before going at it with a brush or comb.

5) Use your fingers . Whenever possible, make your hands your main tool. For natural curls finger combing is gentle and effective, and avoids the damage often inflicted by brushes and combs.

6) See your stylist regularly . Your hair needs regular trims to eliminate split ends and your stylist can determine when and if deep conditioning treatments are right for your hair. Try to make it to the salon at least every six weeks.

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