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Women's Hairstyles: Change is good

As the seasons change women's hairstyles can get livened up by changing as well. This doesn't mean an entire makeover every three months is necessary but even the most subltle of changes can keep you from looking dated.

If spring is just around the corner most women's hairstyles could benefit by adding highlights two shades lighter than your hair color around your face. It will brighten up your skin and give you a slight sun kissed effect even though outside may still be chilly.

As summer approaches a switch to any of the low maintenance women's hairstyles is always a step in the right direction. After all, who wants to spend those precious warm months inside doing their hair? Think Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle with its relaxed waves or Mandy Moore's version with lots of layering at the bottom for a carefree look.

Autumn is a time for leaves to change color and a great chance to do the same to your hair. Colors in both clothing and women's hairstyles are usually bolder this time of year so don't be afraid to try something new. Always wanted to be a redhead? Ask your stylist if Marcia Cross' vibrant hair color would suit you or ask her to recommend a slightly deeper shade than you usually get for a change of pace.

In winter most things turn pale but don't let your style be one of them. This is a great time to experiment with one of the trendy women's hairstyles out there. Winter, with its string of Christmas parties and New Year's Eve bashes, is a perfect time to get glitzy. Ask about a new style that gives you options for both casual and glamorous for all those parties. Think Eva Longoria and some of those awesome updos she sports.


Women's Hairstyles: Reese Witherspoon's Layers

This “shorter side of medium” women's hairstyle gives you lots of style and lots of options. The cut is a step-cut in which the sides are shorter than the back. The hair is given long layers for movement and soft volume and the sides get a bit of extra layering so they can be swept back. The fuller bang finishes this feminine cut which can be gently swept to the side.

To style this women's hairstyle mist on spray gel or use a volumizing mousse for fine hair. Using a vent brush, blow dry hair making sure to give the sides a flip towards the back. A side part is a must for this style and don't forget to sweep those bangs over to the side a little for a softer look.


Women's Hairstyles: Loose Waves for Fine Hair

Those with fine hair often worry that women's hairstyles that they see aren't possible for their limp locks. Not true. With the help of the right cut and the right hair products you can learn to make the most of your fine hair.

A great medium length women's hairstyle is Laura Prepon's from That ‘70s Show. Her hairstyle flows to just below the shoulders giving it enough length to play with but not so long that it's unmanageable. Lightly razored layers at the end lighten up the top portion of her hair making it easier to achieve some soft volume.

To style a women's hairstyle such as this one, simply work some texturizing gel into damp hair and blow dry. Take random sections of your hair and twirl them with a large round brush. This will give the hair extra bounce without looking too structured.


Women's Hairstyles: The Face Lift

No, we're not talking plastic surgery here. Instead the focus is on the trend in women's hairstyles to sweep your locks back off your face.

For a night out, or just to glam your long hairstyle up a bit, use some strong hold volumizing mousse and a very large round brush. Divide medium sized sections of the top and sides of your hair. Next, wrap the roots of your hair and the first three to four inches of your hair around the brush. Hold against the scalp and, holding your blow dryer approximately and inch and a half to two inches away, point nozzle of dryer at your hair and dry. Unless you're an expert at using round brushes it's not recommended to wrap the entire length of your hair around the brush as it's very easy for long hair to get tangled up in the brush. A perfect example how this women's hairstyle works look at Angelina Jolie's hairstyle and her Hollywood style swept back hair.

Have shorter hair? This women's hairstyle trick can work wonders for you as well. Use a firm holding hair gel with shine enhancers and, with a vent brush, style back off the face. Make sure to concentrate on getting volume at the roots by lifting the first few inches up and away from the head while styling. If needed, secure sides with glittery barrettes for added pizzazz. For a visual on how this women's hairstyle looks try looking for Sela Ward's hairstyle at an event. Casual yet sophisticated!

I have very fine hair. What's a good, easy to style hairstyle for this type of hair?

A Hairstyle For Fine Hair

Fine hair can seem like a burden, but with the right cut, products and styling know-how you can have a great, low maintenance hairstyle for fine hair.

Using actress Kristen Bell as an example, Kristen Bell's hairstyle is cut in a layered bob that just skims her shoulders. Layers are kept longer in the back and are more pronounced around the face to give movement.

Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to plump up your strands. When getting ready to style you hair, use a volumizing mousse, which will give hold and lift to any hairstyle for fine hair. Part hair on the side and, if possible, go in the opposite direction of your natural part for added volume on this hairstyle for fine hair. Blow dry with a large round brush, making sure to lift your hair at the roots for more body. Once your hair is dry use a small flat iron to give a slight flip to the layers of your hair like Kristen Bell's hairstyle and finish off with a light hold hairspray or shine spray.

What is a vent brush and what is the proper way to use one?

Using A Vent Hair Brush

There are many tools one can use to get the perfect hairstyle. A vent hair brush is a brush that has multiple open slots or vents where the bristles are held, which allows air from a blow drier to pass through the brush to your hair. These openings help speed up the drying process when the air passes through the brush and onto your hair while you style it.

To properly use a vent hair brush, capture a section of hair into the bristles that is no wider than the paddle of the brush. Place the nozzle of the blow drier one to two inches from this section of hair and allow the air to pass through the hair and the brush as it dries this section. You can also slowly glide the brush through a section of long hair while following it with the drier's nozzle. This helps straighten and smooth the section while you dry it.

For extra help in smoothing your locks use a metal based vent hair brush. The metal head of the brush will heat up slightly from the warm blow drier's air and act as a gentle flat iron to help smooth and straighten the hair.

What are some new short hairstyles for women?

Women's Short Hairstyles: Alyssa Milano and Winona Rider's Hairstyles

For those wanting to try women's short hairstyles why not try going short? Short hairstyles are making a comeback on the heels of long and wavy hair. Alyssa Milano's cropped pixie cut is a great example of taking it all off.

To recreate Alyssa Milano's hairstyle have your hair cut into a pixie cut with lots of texture and layers. Having your hair cut with a razor will allow your hair lots of movement and options of messy or sleek styling. To get the textured look when styling simply add some hair gel or styling cream to damp hair and blow dry while tousling your hair with your fingers. Finish off with a dab of pomade and separate pieces for a defined, but too neat, look.

Not ready for a women's short hairstyle that's so short? Try your own version of the new Winona Ryder hairstyle. This bob hairstyle features layers that show off her naturally wavy hair. The layers remain longer in the back and gradually get shorter in the front to show off the curl. Winona Ryder's hairstyle has no bangs but you could add some if you prefer. To style this look apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair and scrunch hair as you blow dry on a low setting.


Women's Hairstyles: Housewives Hair Part Two

The characters of Susan and Lynette on the television show Desperate Housewives are both portrayed as working mothers but when it comes to their hair their styles are completely opposite. Here women's hairstyles get examined from both sides of the spectrum.

Terri Hatcher's hairstyle as Susan is that of a very low key, easy maintenance one. Since she works from home and has an all over laid back style this is a great match. Her fine, nearly one length hair is slightly wisped on the ends for movement. If women's hairstyles that are a breeze to style are your thing this one is for you. Just add a light volumizing spray and blow dry straight. Skip the hair spray if you can as this style is meant to be carefree. What adds some wow to this style are some well placed and subtle highlights around the face.

For your own version of working mom Lynette's hairstyle go for a bob hairstyle that is layered at the bottom. An extra long bang section that is swept to the side adds flair to women's hairstyles of this type without the extra effort. Felicity Huffman's hairstyle is perfect for those who need to look polished at the office but need to get to that office on time. You can recreate it by simply using a medium hold mousse and blow drying with a round brush. End with a light finishing spray to keep hair in place without being stiff. If you have a little more time in the mornings this style can be turned up a notch up by flipping the ends or using a large barrel curling iron on the ends of your layers for just a little extra body.


Women's Hairstyles: Pairing Cuts and Colors

So you finally did it. You went and got that funky hairstyle you've been aching for but when you get home you realize that it doesn't have the same impact as the picture you'd been admiring. Don't blame the cut…it may be your hair color that's lacking.

Most women's hairstyles that really make an impact do so because they rely on both the cut and the color to enhance each other. If you've just had your hair cut with a heavy bang and lots of lively layers try adding a deep color to your new do for powerful combo. Think Jennifer Love Hewitt and how she makes brunette look anything but boring.

Sleek bobs are also just screaming for a color enhancement. Try some blonde highlights on medium brown hair. These streaks can take women's hairstyles that might otherwise be lackluster and give them dimension. Keira Knightley's former short style is a great example of how this can work oh so well.


Women's Hairstyles: Pixie Perfect

For those of us lucky enough to be able to wear our hair short, the pixie cut is an excellent women's hairstyle for showing off both the face and your bold sense of style. For a modern version of this cropped style have your stylist keep the layers on the top of your head on the long side (three to four inches) and the sides cut to the bottom of the ear. The back of your hair should be tapered into the nape of your neck, though you can make the style work by either going super short at the bottom or leaving just enough to give it a tousled look down there. Bangs should basically blend with the top and sides in length—don't make them obviously shorter.

Styling this women's hairstyle is a snap. Use either a light volumizing spray for fine hair or a styling cream if your hair is on the thicker side. Use a vent brush to smooth and place the hair in the direction you want. Finish up with a hair putty to separate and define pieces throughout the style.

Sienna Miller's hairstyle is a nod towards this fashion forward women's hairstyle.


Women's Hairstyles: The Benefit of Highlights

If you've ever looked through a magazine chances are many of the women's hairstyles were multi-tonal or highlighted. Highlights have many benefits to almost all women's hairstyles and there's a process to spruce up almost any style.

Add Body to Fine Hair

The process of highlighting the hair causes the shaft of your hair strands to be slightly opened up and pigment to be removed or replaced with a lighter shade. It is the opening of the hair shaft that actually plumps up the hair giving women's hairstyles with highlights more body and makes them easier to style.

Giving Definition to Your Style

Nothing can make a new style pop like the addition of highlights. Did you just get a sassy new layered cut? Highlights, like the ones celebrity Lisa Rinna has, can take a great haircut and make it amazing. Likewise, highlights two to three shades lighter around the face can be very flattering for those with longer women's hairstyles.


Women's Hairstyles: A New Trend in Highlights

Nearly all celebrity women's hairstyles have been enhanced by the application of hair color. A popular trend in coloring hair is a two step process by which an all over base hair color is applied and then accentuated with baliage highlights. Baliage, a term used for painting highlights onto the hair, is sought after by celebrities not only for its intense, contrast-y look but because it looks more natural when growing out.

So what combinations are the hottest for coloring women's hairstyles?

For brunettes: Rich chestnut browns as a base with light caramel highlights in the crown area and at the hairline. This brightens up the hair and give more color to the face and eyes. Think Jennifer Lopez's hair color for a great example of this technique.

For Blondes: Blonde women's hairstyles can have that summer look without the sun damage by having their base colored a honey blonde and slightly lighter, sun kissed type highlights for contrast. Think Jessica Simpson's hair color.


Women's Hairstyles: Going from Long to Short

Every now and then many women with long hair find themselves admiring short women's hairstyles and get the itch for change. Going from a long hairstyle to a short one can be liberating for some but often such a drastic change can leave a person in shock.

Really Think About It.

Never cut all your long hair off on a whim. Sometimes frustration with your current hairstyle or even simple boredom can give us the urge to order our stylist to “chop it all off!” But often women's hairstyles, especially ones that have been the same for a number of years, can almost act as a security blanket. So before you march into the salon to unload a large portion of your locks give it at least a few days consideration.

Do It in Stages

Women's hairstyles come in a huge variety of styles so chances are if you've got your eye on a short style there's probably a slightly longer version. This can be a great option when going from really long to short as it takes the shock value of loosing such a large amount of hair all at once. This transition cut should be about half way between your current length and your final style.


Women's Hairstyles: Commitment-Free Color

Almost all women's hairstyles can benefit from the addition of color but what is a girl to do if she wants a change of hue but is commitment shy? This is where a semi-permanent hair color comes to the rescue.

Unlike permanent hair colors that open the cuticle of the hair shaft and either permanently lighten your hair or deposit a darker shade within the hair itself, semi-permanents merely coat the hair shaft. This means your new color will gradually fade away within six to eight weeks and return to your natural shade.

Also, because women's hairstyles can suffer damage if they endure too many chemical processes, a gentle semi-permanent color that uses a very mild developer won't dry out your hair. This not only allows users to keep their manes healthy but to color again and again without risking permanent damage.

Though you can only go darker with a semi-permanent hair colors that doesn't mean you can't get a great new color. For examples of women's hairstyles that have fabulous darker shades have a look at Courtney Cox Arquette or Catherine Zeta Jones.


Women's Hairstyles: The Layered Bob

Many times people think that a bob hairstyle means one length hair that ends at the chin. But these days there are so many women's hairstyles out there that are actually a varied bob in disguise.

The layered bob is making a huge comeback now that all things medium to long in length with soft layers are trendy. So what's so great about adding layers? Well, for one it gives you options. Having long layers lets you get volume out of your bob with the use of large Velcro rollers or large barrel curling irons.

Versatility is another bonus to this style. With layering around the face you can choose to sweep the hair back from the face for a dramatic night time look. A great example of women's hairstyles that are working this layered bob are Charlize Theron's version and Jessica Alba's new short and retro waved version.


Women's Hairstyles: Housewives' Hair Part One

Women's hairstyles have never looked so good as those on the television show Desperate Housewives. So how do two of the most picture perfect women of Wisteria Lane keep looking so fabulous? Easy, they have a style that matches their lifestyle.

Marcia Cross' hairstyle as Bree shows that women's hairstyles don't have to be high on maintenance to be sophisticated. Her one length hair is perfect for those who love to look put together but don't want to spend an hour on their hair every morning. For this style use a shine enhancing hair gel and a large vent brush. Dry hair sections at a time and point the nozzle of the blow dryer down to promote smoothness and cut down on fly away hair. If extra smoothing is needed go over dry hair with a flat iron. But let's not overlook that amazing color. Marcia Cross' rich red hair color is what really makes this hairstyle stand out so if you want to make heads turn but don't want to fuss with the style then keep the cut simple and splurge on the color.

Eva Longoria's hairstyle as Gabby is the perfect style for those who love spending a little extra time on their hair and want to look glamorous. Long hair is layered starting just above chin length to give the ability to get those sexy waves to stand out. Women's hairstyles like Eva's have great versatility as they can have the sides styled back, as Gabby usually does, to show off the face or be styled with a large curling iron for extra big body. The key to this style is using volumizing hair products to make the most out of every strand of hair you have. Just make sure to concentrate the bulk of the body chin length and down to avoid your style looking too over done and round.


Women's Hairstyles: Are You a Heart, Square or Diamond

Finding out what face shape you have can be confusing. Find out with these tips and know how to pick the women's hairstyles that will suit you best.

Heart Shaped Faces:

This is defined by a shape that is narrow at the jaw and wider at the cheekbones and forehead. Look for women's hairstyles like a chin length bob or a longer style with layers. Always avoid anything that has a lot of height on top. Think Lisa Kudrow's bob or Jennifer Love Hewitt's long hair.

Square Faces:

Your face is as wide as it is long but with a definite square shape at the jaw. Look for women's hairstyles that give softness by wisps or layers around the face. Off centre parts are great as well. The layered, medium length of Sandra Bullocks hair is a great example.

Diamond Face Shape:

This shape is defined by wide cheek bones with the forehead being both narrower than the cheeks and of equal width to each other. Luckily, this face shape lends itself to most women's hairstyles. The only things to avoid are women's hairstyles that covers up the dramatic shape of your face…show it off! Think the many styles of Linda Evangelista.


Women's Hairstyles: Top Trends for Spring

The Longer the Better

These days women's hairstyles are softer and easier than ever before. To get this style forget the short, choppy layers and go for longer, flowing ones. The purpose of these long layers is not to make each length obvious but to lend movement to your style. Think Jessica Alba and her barely there layers. Whether the layers are just at the bottom few inches of your long hair or just around the face the latest trend is that when it comes to layers in women's hairstyles less is so much more.

The Curls Have It.

Many woman are sporting some sort of curl. Be it gentle waves or fabulous ringlets, curls are the new celebrity hair accessory. For inspiration on soft waves take your cue from Jennifer Aniston who turned in her poker straight style for flowing, just back from the beach waves. Like a little more curl? Jessica Simpson's long bob with ringlets is a perfect example of curls gone glam.

In With a Bang

It's been a while since we've seen them but we knew they'd be back. Bangs are showing up more and more in women's hairstyles. For a side swept bang that screams sexy take a look at Nicole Ritchie's latest hairstyle. Fuller, thicker bangs, like Jennifer Love Hewitt's, are also very popular. Any bang styles out there to avoid? Don't go short and super wispy as those are rather dated.


Women's Hairstyles: Are You Oval, Round or Oblong?

Though there are literally hundreds of women's hairstyles out there, not all of them are meant for your particular face shape. In fact, if you choose wrong it could mean all the difference between a flattering new style and a hair disaster.

Oval Faces:

To find out if your face shape is oval measure it. If it is one and a half times longer than it is wide, you have an oval face. Examples of women's hairstyles that would look good on you are Paris Hilton's short bob or the slightly layered longer hair of Eva Longoria.

Round Faces:

Your face is round if, when measured, it is as wide as it is long. Styles to avoid are bobs that end at your chin and anything that wisps onto your face as both will only accentuate the roundness. Instead opt for longer styles that will give the appearance of a longer face. Good women's hairstyles for round faces are any that give height on the top, or layered longer styles like Kate Winslet.

Oblong Faces:

These faces are longer than they are wide. Short to medium lengths are best for this face shape, especially ones that have body on the sides to lend width. Bangs can also help shorten the appearance of the face. Women's hairstyles for this face shape are Niki Taylor's bob with lots of volume.


Women's Hairstyles: Fine Hairstyles for Fine Hair

If you ask most women with fine hair they're likely to confess they've cursed their skimpy locks at one time or another. But having fine hair doesn't mean there aren't fabulous women's hairstyles out there just waiting for you.

Go Short

While adding too many layers to fine hair can make hair lay flatter than a pancake, having longer layers on top and cropped on the sides and back is a great women's hairstyle for fine hair. Sienna Miller's pixie hairstyle is a perfect example of how to look fine with a less than flowing mane.

Medium Manes

Women's hairstyles such as Kelly Ripa's bob hairstyle make the most of well placed layers. The key is to keep the layering long and subtle, using only enough to create movement and a point of interest. Kelly Ripa's hairstyle is a one length bob with long layers only in front to create the illusion of a swept bang. Use hair products that promote shine and smoothness and enlist a large vent brush or oval brush for blow drying.

Long is Fine

Long women's hairstyles can work with fine hair if it's kept one length and volume is coaxed with the aid of a large brush and volumizing hair products. Those who go this route should also add color to their hair to boost volume and add interest. Emily Proctor from CSI: Miami is a shining example of how those with fine hair don't have to sacrifice length for style.

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