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I love Sedu hairstyles but I’m not sure which one would look best on my round face. Any suggestions?

Choosing The Right Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles For You

With so many celebrity Sedu hairstyles to choose from it can be confusing when you try to figure out which one is right for your face shape. With any hairstyle you should always take your face shape into consideration to ensure your style compliments your features. Here's a quick guide to choosing the right Sedu hairstyle.

Round faces need to add length to their styles to counter balance their face's shape. Kelly Clarkson's celebrity Sedu hairstyle is a perfect match for this type of face. Your hair should be longer than chin length and sleek with an off center or dramatic side part. Avoid adding a lot of volume to the sides of your hairstyle. Keep the style smooth and sleek and you'll be looking like a celebrity yourself.

Heart or triangular face shapes are recognized by their wide foreheads and narrow chins. To camouflage these characteristics, try celebrity Sedu hairstyles such as Nicole Richie's sophisticated bob. Your bangs should be long and wispy and the length of your hairstyle should sit chin length or slightly longer with razored ends for volume. Flat iron all of your hair straight and sweep your bangs to one side, covering up your wide forehead. Aim for added volume at the bottom of your hair to counteract your narrow chin.

Those with a square face will do best with a celebrity Sedu hairstyle like Jennifer Aniston's famous style. This long, sleek style hugs the sides of the face and covers up a square jaw. The hair should be shoulder length or longer for the best effect. With this and all Sedu hairstyle, be sure to keep the style frizz-free with anti-frizz products. Try a smoothing serum with added silicone for frizz-busting and shine-enhancing results.

I have chin length fine hair that I can’t grow long because it looks too thin when I do. Is there anything I can do to thicken it up quickly and maybe have more length?

Jessica Simpson Hairstyles: Going To New Lengths With Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions

Have you ever wished you could grow your short hair overnight? Thanks to the Jessica Simpson hair extensions, you can. Jessica Simpson's hairstyles are coveted all over the world. Those ever-changing styles and lengths are thanks to high quality hair extensions that give her added length and layers instantly.

To instantly jazz up your short bob hairstyle try the 23-inch Jessica Simpson hair extension. This long, layered clip-in extension quickly and easily clips in underneath your own hair to give instant body and length to your hair. Your new ‘do will be reminiscent of Jessica Simpson's hairstyle in "The Dukes of Hazzard."

Ever wonder how Jessica Simpson's hairstyle goes from a chin length bob to a long, sleek style overnight? Yup, it's all about the hair extensions. To get your own version of her smooth locks try the 22-inch straight Jessica Simpson hair extensions. The slight layering at the ends gives your new hair movement and helps your new style look more natural.

The Jessica Simpson hair extensions come in a variety of colors so you can match the extensions to your own hair flawlessly. These extensions are perfect for those with fine hair who want added thickness. Use the shorter extensions to add body to your existing hairstyle or go longer for both volume and length.

I love smooth updos but I just can’t seem to make my curly hair that straight. Is there a hairstyle I could do myself that would make my curly hair straight?

Jennifer Lopez Sedu Hairstyles: Creating A Sleek Updo With Wavy Hair

Sleek updos may seem like forbidden fruit to those with curly or wavy hair, but the truth is you can have it if you've got the know how. One of the most popular Jennifer Lopez Sedu hairstyles is her sleek chignon. If you want your own version of this classic hairstyle, we're here to show you how.

All updos turn out better with hair that has been washed the day before. Shampoo and condition your hair the night before and apply an anti-frizz serum to your damp hair. Blow dry your hair straight using a large round brush. Take your time and try to get your hair as straight as possible. This makes touching up your Jennifer Lopez Sedu hairstyle with a flat iron the next day easier.

To create your updo, first straighten any kinks in your hair with a hot flat iron. Once all your hair is straightened decide on a part in your hair. You can go for a dramatic side part (best for a round face) or a middle part. Apply a small dab of hair wax to your palms and smooth it on the top portion of your hair from your part to the top of your ears. This makes getting that ultra smooth look that much easier.

Use a comb and pull all your hair back into a pony tail and secure it with an elastic band at the nape of your neck. Twist your pony tail until it resembles a telephone cord and slowly begin wrapping it around the base of your pony tail. Use bobby pins in the same color as your hair to secure the hair as you wrap. Tuck the ends under the bun you created and secure with two to three more pins. Give your hair a quick spray of shine-enhancing hair spray. It may take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it this Jennifer Lopez hairstyle will have you wondering why you ever dreaded wearing your curly hair up before.

I have wavy hair but I love Jennifer Aniston’s straight hairstyle. Is there anyway I can create this hairstyle on my hair?

Jennifer Aniston: Sedu Hairstyles Queen

When we think of sleek hair most of us picture one of Jennifer Aniston's Sedu hairstyles. What many people don't realize is Jennifer's hair is naturally wavy. To turn your own wavy mane into a smooth, shiny style you'll need the right tool and hair products for the job.

Begin creating your version of Jennifer Aniston Sedu hairstyles by applying a straightening balm into freshly washed damp hair. Plug in your flat iron to give it plenty of time to heat up. Now, divide your hair into two sections, a bottom section and a top section. Pin the top section out of your way and, using a large round brush, begin blow drying the bottom section.

Don't rush the process. Creating Jennifer Aniston Sedu hairstyles takes some patience. Take a section of hair slightly narrower than the length of your brush and blow dry from root to end, angling your blow dryer's tip downward to prevent frizz. Keep repeating this process until that section is completely dry. Move on to the next section and blow dry in the same manner. Dry both the top and bottom sections completely.

Now you're ready for the flat iron. Section your hair off again as you did for blow drying. Take a smaller section slightly narrower than the length of your flat iron plates and, beginning at the roots, slowly glide the flat iron from root to tip. Repeat this process until you've straightened all your hair. Finish off with a dab of hair pomade to define the ends of your hair. Viola! You now have your own version of Jennifer Aniston's Sedu hairstyles.

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