Women's Hairstyles: Housewives' Hair Part One

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Women's Hairstyles: Housewives' Hair Part One

Women's hairstyles have never looked so good as those on the television show Desperate Housewives. So how do two of the most picture perfect women of Wisteria Lane keep looking so fabulous? Easy, they have a style that matches their lifestyle.

Marcia Cross' hairstyle as Bree shows that women's hairstyles don't have to be high on maintenance to be sophisticated. Her one length hair is perfect for those who love to look put together but don't want to spend an hour on their hair every morning. For this style use a shine enhancing hair gel and a large vent brush. Dry hair sections at a time and point the nozzle of the blow dryer down to promote smoothness and cut down on fly away hair. If extra smoothing is needed go over dry hair with a flat iron. But let's not overlook that amazing color. Marcia Cross' rich red hair color is what really makes this hairstyle stand out so if you want to make heads turn but don't want to fuss with the style then keep the cut simple and splurge on the color.

Eva Longoria's hairstyle as Gabby is the perfect style for those who love spending a little extra time on their hair and want to look glamorous. Long hair is layered starting just above chin length to give the ability to get those sexy waves to stand out. Women's hairstyles like Eva's have great versatility as they can have the sides styled back, as Gabby usually does, to show off the face or be styled with a large curling iron for extra big body. The key to this style is using volumizing hair products to make the most out of every strand of hair you have. Just make sure to concentrate the bulk of the body chin length and down to avoid your style looking too over done and round.



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