Women's Hairstyles: Change is good

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Women's Hairstyles: Change is good

As the seasons change women's hairstyles can get livened up by changing as well. This doesn't mean an entire makeover every three months is necessary but even the most subltle of changes can keep you from looking dated.

If spring is just around the corner most women's hairstyles could benefit by adding highlights two shades lighter than your hair color around your face. It will brighten up your skin and give you a slight sun kissed effect even though outside may still be chilly.

As summer approaches a switch to any of the low maintenance women's hairstyles is always a step in the right direction. After all, who wants to spend those precious warm months inside doing their hair? Think Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle with its relaxed waves or Mandy Moore's version with lots of layering at the bottom for a carefree look.

Autumn is a time for leaves to change color and a great chance to do the same to your hair. Colors in both clothing and women's hairstyles are usually bolder this time of year so don't be afraid to try something new. Always wanted to be a redhead? Ask your stylist if Marcia Cross' vibrant hair color would suit you or ask her to recommend a slightly deeper shade than you usually get for a change of pace.

In winter most things turn pale but don't let your style be one of them. This is a great time to experiment with one of the trendy women's hairstyles out there. Winter, with its string of Christmas parties and New Year's Eve bashes, is a perfect time to get glitzy. Ask about a new style that gives you options for both casual and glamorous for all those parties. Think Eva Longoria and some of those awesome updos she sports.



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