Find Your Perfect Hair Color Via A Virtual Makeover

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I want to dye my own hair but I’m not sure what hair color will look best on me. Is there a way I can find out before I dye my hair?

Find Your Perfect Hair Color Via A Virtual Makeover

When you get your hair colored at a salon you have a stylist with years of experience to guide you in your color choice. But if you're coloring your own hair at home that hair color aisle can become very overwhelming. To help you see what a hair color will look like you can try before you dye with a virtual makeover.

With a virtual makeover you can upload a picture of yourself from your computer to the online program and try out different hair colors by having them super imposed over your own hair. To begin choose a hairstyle that most resembles yours. Now start playing with the various colors. If you know that warmer colors look best on you stick with those—the same goes for cooler hair colors. Try out a variety of them and pay special attention to what your skin tone looks like with each color. If the color is wrong you will look washed out and pale.

For the best results the picture you use should show you in natural lighting so have the picture taken outside and make sure your face is free of shadows. Take notes on which hair colors look best and narrow it down to your favorite. If you're still in doubt between a few choices you can always call the toll free help line and have their experts help guide you.



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