Rihanna: Taking Sedu Short Hairstyles To New Lengths

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I love those straight Sedu styles but unfortunately I don’t have long hair. Are there any Sedu styles for hair that is chin length?

Rihanna: Taking Sedu Short Hairstyles To New Lengths

Sedu hairstyles are known for their signature long and sleek styles. But, did you know you can also create amazing sedu short hairstyles? Many celebrity short haircuts are created using the famous Sedu flat iron and you can make your short style even better with this amazing iron, too.

Singing sensation Rihanna sports a wickedly asymmetrical bob with heavily razored ends. This stunningly sleek version of the bob stands out thanks to its graduated lengths that are shorter in the back and dramatically longer in the front. The ends from the chin down are razored to radical wisps. To style these types of Sedu short hairstyles, use a straightening balm on damp hair and blow dry hair straight with a vent brush. Use a Sedu iron to smooth the hair straight with a slight bend under at the ends. Use a lightweight hair wax to define the ends into pointed wisps and finish off with a shine enhancing spray.

This hairstyle and other similar celebrity short haircuts work best on straight hair. The beauty of this hairstyle is it can work on both fine and thick hair. The only concession you'll need to make with fine hair is the ends will need less razoring so they won't be too thin. For fine hair, you might want to try a lighter spray-in styling product so your hair doesn't get weighed down too much by a heavier product.



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