Hillary Duff's Classic Ponytail

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How do I get Hillary Duff's classic ponytail look?

Hillary Duff's Classic Ponytail

Hillary Duff knows how to make classic styles work for her. The simple ponytail she has been spotted wearing lately is no exception. To get a look like Hillary's, you need to have straight or straightened hair that is well past your shoulders. Also, when your hairstyle is this simple, jazz up your look the way Hillary does by wearing some dazzling earrings.

To get the hair ready for the ponytail, run it through a flat iron. Make sure you run it through in sections small enough that the flat iron can handle them. Then put just a few drops of a laminate like John Frieda's Frizz Ease Hair Serum in your palms and, keeping it away from your scalp, work it through the body of your hair. This will add shine and prevent fly-aways. Next, spray a little shine enhancing hair spray directly onto your brush and run it through your hair, pulling back from the front and bringing the hair together at the base of your skull. You can pull straight back, or create a part and work your hair back from the part. At the base where your hair is gathered, pull out a small section underneath before pulling the rest through a non-damaging elastic. Be certain to keep the hair smooth as you work. Once the hair is in place, take the small section you left out previously, and wrap it around the elastic until the elastic does not show. Then pin the end into the ponytail from underneath. Finish this style off by spraying all over with shine enhancing spray.

Remember--this simple and classic style complements you best when your face is looking beautiful. Don't try this look while you are in the middle of a breakout or other complexion crisis.



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