Get Eva Mendez's Short Style

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How can I copy Eva Mendez's new short style?

Get Eva Mendez's Short Style

Eva Mendez recently abandoned her trademark long hair for a simpler short style. Short doesn't mean anything less than sexy though, as Eva's pretty bob clearly shows. To get a look like Eva's, have your hair cut into a just above the shoulders bob, and then follow these simple tips.

After you shampoo and condition, wring excess water from the hair but do not yet towel dry. Then put about a quarter's worth of frizz reducing hair serum in your hand and rub hands together. Run the serum evenly throughout the hair, coating the hair shafts completely. Then, towel dry followed by blow drying the hair upside down. Once you hair is completely dry, use a large barrel curling iron on the ends to give a little curl and a pretty flip. Finally, use a little shine enhancing hairspray, just to hold it all in place.



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