Cybill Shepherd's Light Layers

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How does Cybill Shepherd's look stay so timeless?

Cybill Shepherd's Light Layers

After three decades in the business, Cybill Shepherd continues to 'wow' with her stunning face and amazing talent. Ms. Shepherd's hairstyle has gone a little softer since her Moonlighting days and the look is timeless. To get Cybill's pretty look simply follow these easy steps.

1) Cybill's fine hair is cut into a just above the shoulders bob, with soft layering from the temples down.

2) Take dry hair and set on medium size hot rollers. Allow rollers to cool completely.

3) Remove your hair from the rollers and shake curls free with your hands.

4) Part hair on one side. If you need a little height, tease your hair slightly at the crown and smooth over.

5) Use a three prong pic to set hair in place.

6) Add a little shine enhancing hairspray to hold it all in place.



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