Celebrity Male Hairstyles: Get a Brad Pitt Style

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How can I get a celebrity male hairstyle?

Celebrity Male Hairstyles: Get a Brad Pitt Style

If you're looking for celebrity male hairstyles, consider tapping into Brad Pitt's library of looks. Most recently, he's worn a straight short hairstyle that's low maintenance – only requiring five minutes each morning. Read on to learn how to achieve short hair styles for men.

Super short and sexy. This style provides a corporate look and requires a super short buzz of the hair. It looks best on face shapes that are oval, oblong, square or heart. Just apply a little gel wax and you're good to go.

Textured haircut. This is a more recent look and incorporates texturing and definition of the hair. Ask your stylist to leave about one and a half inches of length on the head. It works best on face shapes that are oval, round, pear and triangular and only takes about five minutes to complete. Run gel spray through the hair to style.

Full volume look. This is a longer cut; leaving about two inches of length on the hair. Your stylist will need to texture and layer the cut and undercut the sides and bang areas. This works best on oval, oblong, square and diamond shaped faces and takes about 10 minutes to achieve. You'll need to apply mousse to shape the hair.



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