Keeping up with Jennifer Aniston's Hairstyles

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Keeping up with Jennifer Aniston's Hairstyles

Since her first debut on the popular sitcom “Friends” Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles have been sought after and copied by thousands of woman. Always the trendsetter, Jennifer Aniston's hairstyles have gone from the shorter, heavily layered look to a longer, more maintenance free style.

To achieve Jennifer Aniston's straight and sleek hairstyle start by using silicone based styling product on damp hair. The silicone will not only prevent fly away hairs and give a healthy shine to the hair but the silicone will actually provide a thin layer of protection to the hair shaft while heat is applied during styling.

Using a flat brush, preferably one with a metal base which will help smooth the hair, blow dry small sections of hair from the root to the ends pointing your blow dryer's nozzle down as you go. To ensure an extra sleek look like Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle use a ceramic flat iron to quickly go over dried hair and smooth out any remaining waves. If hair looks a little dull after styling apply a spray on hair shiner to bring out the gloss in your hair.



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