Women's Hairstyles: Pairing Cuts and Colors

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Women's Hairstyles: Pairing Cuts and Colors

So you finally did it. You went and got that funky hairstyle you've been aching for but when you get home you realize that it doesn't have the same impact as the picture you'd been admiring. Don't blame the cut…it may be your hair color that's lacking.

Most women's hairstyles that really make an impact do so because they rely on both the cut and the color to enhance each other. If you've just had your hair cut with a heavy bang and lots of lively layers try adding a deep color to your new do for powerful combo. Think Jennifer Love Hewitt and how she makes brunette look anything but boring.

Sleek bobs are also just screaming for a color enhancement. Try some blonde highlights on medium brown hair. These streaks can take women's hairstyles that might otherwise be lackluster and give them dimension. Keira Knightley's former short style is a great example of how this can work oh so well.



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