Black Hairstyles: Alfre Woodard's Desperately Great Style

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Black Hairstyles: Alfre Woodard's Desperately Great Style

Wisteria Lane's style factor went another notch up when the character of Betty Applewhite, played by Alfre Woodard, moved in. This black hairstyle is a nod towards casual curls that still look well put together.

This multi-layer black hairstyle relies on layers being longer on top and gradually tapering down to a short shag on the sides and back. Make sure to keep enough length on the sides and back to balance out the longer top portion. A full bang is also cut into the style.

To style this black hairstyle use a volumizing gel and a hair diffuser to gently dry curls without frizz. Work the sides and back up and out with a small round brush for that messy look. End with a finishing spray.



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