Prom Hairstyles: Match Your Hair to Your Dress

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Prom Hairstyles: Match Your Hair to Your Dress

Just because your dress is red, doesn't mean your should be, too. But to create a look between prom hairstyles and prom dresses that works try to choose a hairstyle that compliments, not competes with your dress.

If your prom dress has a very low back or intricate design at the back your prom hairstyle should be one in which the hair is put up. It does you no good to have a beautifully low cut dress only to have your hair cover it up.

Alternately, if you have your heart set on wearing your hair all down, or the back down, try to choose an elegant, yet understated dress. Also, if your dress is very glittery try adding a little sparkle via some small hair barrettes with glitter but don't overdo it. A little sparkle goes a long way.



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