Choosing Hairstyle Pictures

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Choosing Hairstyle Pictures

When deciding which hairstyle pictures to show your stylist there are a few rules of the road to keep in mind.

First, make sure the hairstyle pictures you select really show off the hairstyle. A professional or paparazzi shot of a celebrity that is clear, in-focus, in color, large enough to see the hairstyle detail is ideal. Choose hairstyle pictures where the person is posing, such as a feature in a magazine or on a red carpet, and where the entire head of hair is shown up close.

Also make sure the hairstyle pictures are in color. While this is usually the case it is worth noting that a clipping from a newspaper may seem to show off a hairstyle well in your eyes but stylists prefer to see a hairstyle in all its glory which includes its color. You just never know when a good hairstyle could have been made fabulous if only your stylist had known about those chunky blonde highlights in the front.



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