Prom Hairstyles: Two Great Curly Styles

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Prom Hairstyles: Two Great Curly Styles

Looking for a prom hairstyle that reflects the latest in hair trends? Then curl is the way to go whether you plan on wearing your hair down or swept into an updo.

If your prom hairstyle plans include leaving your long hair down then try taking a style cue from CSI: Miami's Sofia Milos. Sofia's naturally curly hair is accentuated by the use of a medium sized curling iron to define and tame her curls. To create this look for yourself add a styling cream with silicone added to it and blow dry hair with a diffuser attachment to avoid hair becoming frizzy. Next, gently pin up the bulk of your hair, leaving a small section down, and touch up any curls that need extra attention. Continue to do this, working up the head section by section, making sure the curls look as smooth as possible. Don't worry about it being perfect—you're going for an all over uniform look but perfection isn't necessary. To finish off this prom hairstyle spray hair with a hair spray designed to fight off humidity.

If you have straight hair but would still love a head full of spiral curls—don't fret. The same look can still be achieved but do yourself the favor and leave it up to a professional by booking an appointment at a salon on your prom day.

For a curly prom hairstyle that is put into an updo try a style such as the one Jamie Pressly has sported. The length of the hair is swept up and pinned to the top of the head, leaving the sides and bangs straight. Next the ends of the upswept hair are curled around a small curling iron and placed randomly atop the head. The bangs are swept to the side to soften the style. This prom hairstyle is best left to a professional unless you have a very hair savvy friend willing to do the work for you.



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