Going To Great Lengths To Get Brandy's Hairstyle

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I've noticed that singer Brandy is wearing her hair really long and curly now. How can I get my hair like hers?

Going To Great Lengths To Get Brandy's Hairstyle

Singer Brandy has been sporting some fabulous curls as of late. Though Brandy's hairstyle looks like it must take hours to accomplish the secret are Brandy's new extensions.

Brandy has teamed up with a company called Ultima, which creates natural looking wigs, hair weaves and hair extensions. Ultima ( www.ultimahair.com) claims that its hair pieces style at lower temperatures, always look shiny and healthy, and hold their style for weeks.

To get your own version of Brandy's hairstyle, if you have shorter hair, is to purchase a high quality wig or opt for hair extensions to give you the added length or ease of styling. Always be sure to follow styling instructions for wigs and weaves and extensions. You can style your hair, either your own or “added”, with a small curling iron by wrapping small sections of the hair around a small barreled curling iron. Once the hair is curled, add shine and definition to your curls with a small amount of pomade or styling wax.



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