Super Simple African American Hairstyles

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I have long straightened African American hair. I’m really tired of how long it takes me to style my hair. Do you have any suggestions on short hairstyles that are super quick but look great too?

Super Simple African American Hairstyles

Looking for no fuss African American hairstyles? Try going super short with lots of texture for a funky and low key hairstyle. Halle Berry is famous for her cropped black hairstyles that always look cutting edge and chic. To get your own version of this hairstyle have your stylist give you a short haircut using a straight razor. Razoring the hair creates maximum texture and makes creating those messy hairstyles a breeze. The sides and back should be tapered short making this style even easier.

When styling these types of black hairstyles apply a gel or strong hold styling cream to damp hair. Blow dry your hair on a medium setting, using your hands to lift and place the hair while drying. Don't worry about getting the hair perfect at this point. Your main goal when blow drying this type of African American hairstyles is to create volume first.

If your hair is straight you can use a medium sized curling iron or a flat iron to create bend and movement in the hair. Don't go overboard and curl your whole head. A few well placed “bends” looks more natural and adds to the messy factor of these black hairstyles. Next use a strong hold pomade to create movement and texture. Use your fingers to place hair where you want it and define strands. Again, don't get too precise. The charm of these African American hairstyles is they should look chic yet unstructured. If it takes you longer than ten minutes to create this style you're being too picky.



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