Jennifer Aniston: Sedu Hairstyles Queen

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I have wavy hair but I love Jennifer Aniston’s straight hairstyle. Is there anyway I can create this hairstyle on my hair?

Jennifer Aniston: Sedu Hairstyles Queen

When we think of sleek hair most of us picture one of Jennifer Aniston's Sedu hairstyles. What many people don't realize is Jennifer's hair is naturally wavy. To turn your own wavy mane into a smooth, shiny style you'll need the right tool and hair products for the job.

Begin creating your version of Jennifer Aniston Sedu hairstyles by applying a straightening balm into freshly washed damp hair. Plug in your flat iron to give it plenty of time to heat up. Now, divide your hair into two sections, a bottom section and a top section. Pin the top section out of your way and, using a large round brush, begin blow drying the bottom section.

Don't rush the process. Creating Jennifer Aniston Sedu hairstyles takes some patience. Take a section of hair slightly narrower than the length of your brush and blow dry from root to end, angling your blow dryer's tip downward to prevent frizz. Keep repeating this process until that section is completely dry. Move on to the next section and blow dry in the same manner. Dry both the top and bottom sections completely.

Now you're ready for the flat iron. Section your hair off again as you did for blow drying. Take a smaller section slightly narrower than the length of your flat iron plates and, beginning at the roots, slowly glide the flat iron from root to tip. Repeat this process until you've straightened all your hair. Finish off with a dab of hair pomade to define the ends of your hair. Viola! You now have your own version of Jennifer Aniston's Sedu hairstyles.



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