Choosing The Right Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles For You

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I love Sedu hairstyles but I’m not sure which one would look best on my round face. Any suggestions?

Choosing The Right Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles For You

With so many celebrity Sedu hairstyles to choose from it can be confusing when you try to figure out which one is right for your face shape. With any hairstyle you should always take your face shape into consideration to ensure your style compliments your features. Here's a quick guide to choosing the right Sedu hairstyle.

Round faces need to add length to their styles to counter balance their face's shape. Kelly Clarkson's celebrity Sedu hairstyle is a perfect match for this type of face. Your hair should be longer than chin length and sleek with an off center or dramatic side part. Avoid adding a lot of volume to the sides of your hairstyle. Keep the style smooth and sleek and you'll be looking like a celebrity yourself.

Heart or triangular face shapes are recognized by their wide foreheads and narrow chins. To camouflage these characteristics, try celebrity Sedu hairstyles such as Nicole Richie's sophisticated bob. Your bangs should be long and wispy and the length of your hairstyle should sit chin length or slightly longer with razored ends for volume. Flat iron all of your hair straight and sweep your bangs to one side, covering up your wide forehead. Aim for added volume at the bottom of your hair to counteract your narrow chin.

Those with a square face will do best with a celebrity Sedu hairstyle like Jennifer Aniston's famous style. This long, sleek style hugs the sides of the face and covers up a square jaw. The hair should be shoulder length or longer for the best effect. With this and all Sedu hairstyle, be sure to keep the style frizz-free with anti-frizz products. Try a smoothing serum with added silicone for frizz-busting and shine-enhancing results.



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