Naomi Campbell's Beautiful Long Hair

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How can I get long straight hair like Naomi Campbell?

Naomi Campbell's Beautiful Long Hair

The trick to getting gorgeous long hair like Naomi Campbell is you have to know how to treat it. Naomi wears her hair in a center part which makes wearing a wig virtually impossible. So you have two choices, one-grow it, or two-get some really good extensions.

If you are going to grow your hair, keep in mind that hair grows 1/4 to one inch a month, depending on the person. Most of us fall in the slower growing category. If you have particularly curly hair, like most African-American ladies, you will have to have it relaxed and use flat irons on it to get it to go stick straight like Naomi. With time, patience and good conditioners, your hair will grow.

Once you have reached the appropriate length, use a good flat iron on the lowest setting your hair responds to. When your hair is good and straight, use a laminate product on it to enhance shine and eliminate frizzies.

If you are going to get extensions, it is recommended you use bonded extensions, which can be very expensive, or simple clip-ins. Traditional glue-in or braid and sew styles tend to show with a style like Naomi's which is worn fairly flat to the head. The great thing about both bonded extensions and clip-ins is that the hair will already be colored and stick straight, so all you will need to do is maintain your natural roots to keep it looking nice. If you are getting bonded extensions, tell your cosmetologist that you are looking to wear your hair like Naomi's, she should be able to place the bonds strategically, so your hair does not bulk up at the crown. If you are using clip-ins, take some time and practice with them. You should be able to place the clips far enough down on your head to make your natural hair fall over them and hide the clips; also without adding too much bulk at the crown.

Regardless of the approach you use, you need to treat your hair gently and use good conditioners to keep it in tip top shape.



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