Gabrielle Union's Simply Sexy Style

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What's a simple style that looks great?

Gabrielle Union's Simply Sexy Style

Gabrielle Union has that girl-next-door quality that makes her so completely likable. One of the things that keeps Ms. Union that way is the fact that she never seems to need a huge fuss to be made over her. Her simple but beautiful hairstyle is the perfect case in point.

To get a look like Gabrielle you'll need a great haircut. She usually wears her hair in a long layered cut, with the layers beginning at her shoulders and trailing midway down her back. Another great thing about this cut is even though it is simple, it leaves enough length to put it up and it dresses up very prettily after just a few minutes with a curling iron

To copy Gabrielle's day-to-day style, wear your part to the side. If you need to add height at the crown, tease a little about an inch from the part, then smooth hair over. Straighten the hair all over with a flat iron, set at the lowest setting that is effective on your hair. Use a heat-protective pomade to help the flat iron do its job. When your hair is straight all over, use just a little hair laminate, like John Frieda's Frizz Ease Hair Serum. This will add that extra shine and control 'frizzies' between trims.

Note: Don't forget to get regular trims, even if you don't want to lose your length. Split ends should be cut off regularly. They don't add much to your length, but if left, they can cause frizz that detracts from the polish of your overall look.



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