Long Latina Hair

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What can I use to make my latina hair more controllable?

Long Latina Hair

Latin beauties often find they are mortal enemies with their hair. Yet celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendez and Eva Longoria always seem to have perfectly gorgeous hair.

Now, before you decide to just shave it off a' la Britney Spears and go with a wig--or curse the mane that comes naturally with your heritage, remember that these ladies have entire armies of hair professionals armed with the very best products ready to go to war with their tresses. But, that doesn't mean that with a little care and some patience you too cannot have beautiful hair that flatters your exotic features.

Start by realizing your hair probably has something naturally that most other people lack--body. So whether you wear your hair straight or curly, you have an edge on almost everyone else with long hair.

To wear your hair curly, your best bet is to go with a product line that is designed to work with your curls from shampoo to finished style. Lines like L'Oreal's Studio Line or John Frieda's Frizz Ease are designed to make curly hair look great without weighing it down. To get great hair at home, wash and condition, then while your hair is still damp use a generous amount of mousse all over the hair. After your hair air dries, run some laminate like John Frieda's Frizz Ease Hair Serum through it, or apply some L'Oreal Shine Spray and gently scrunch all over. Both products are designed to enhance shine and ward off frizz.

To wear your hair straight, try a product like Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny line. This will get your hair ready. Shampoo and condition, then blow dry while pulling the hair straight. Next, run a high quality flat iron, like a Sedu, through the hair in small sections. After your hair is straight, use a little laminate to enhance shine and reduce frizz. Finally, a little hair spray will help keep your style in place.

Remember that whether you wear your long hair straight or curly, you still need to make regular trips to your stylist for deep conditioning treatments and trims that will keep frizz at bay and eliminate split ends.



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