Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery Review: Hairstyles Watch

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What hairstyle gallery is fun and easy to navigate?

Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery Review: Hairstyles Watch

The Hairstyles Watch site (hairstyleswatch.com) is one of the better sites out there when it comes to the variety of types of hairstyles you can look for. Rather than searching for Paris Hilton's hairstyle, you can look for layered hair, teen hair or hair that has been worked over specifically with a Sedu. Inside these and other categories you will find photos of celebrity hairstyles you can copy to go with your own style of hair.

This site also has some really fun categories. The "Top 100 Celebrities" links to a list of celebrities where you can see all their hairstyles. The "Freaky Friday" category is a showplace for crazy hair-don'ts and the "How To" gives easy to follow instructions for copying preselected looks.

The big negative here is the lack of a search function. You will have to look for the celebrity hairstyle you want on your own, but the site is so easy to navigate that you will find it or realize they don't have it quickly.

Finally, here is another big plus. The site is almost completely devoid of ads. Basic Google ads run along the top and not much else interferes with your use of the site, which is a refreshing change from the prevalence of ads on some other hairstyle websites.



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