Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery Review: The Hairstyler

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What celebrity hairstyle gallery has a ton of celebrities ?

Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery Review: The Hairstyler

One thing that can definitely be said about The Hairstyler's online celebrity hair gallery is that if they have left anyone out, it is a freak accident. There are more celebrities, from the A-list on down, listed on this web site than on any other that has been found thus far. If you just don't know whose hair you would like to emulate, start with Aaliyah and work your way down to Ziyi Zhang for days upon days of hairstyling options.

The opening page of thehairstyler.com is a demo of a virtual makeover tool using a single basic model. If you want to play with this tool for long, you will be required to register. To get to the celebrity hairstyle list however you simply need to click the "Celebrity Hairstyles" link to the left. Some of the celebrities have several photos available and you can bet the more red carpet appearances the celebrity makes the more photos of that celebrity there will be to choose from.

There are only a few ads on this site and the ones that are there are not overwhelming in the least. You won't be frustrated in your quest to find that great Halle Berry pixie by annoying ads all over the site.

On the other hand, the photos are quite small and the professional advice that goes with them is only available to registered users. Overall, the lack of ads, the amazing number of celebrities available and the corresponding number of photos on the site makes up for this need for your information at every turn, but just barely.



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