"Makeover" a Celebrity, Just for Fun

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What is a fun makeover program for when I'm bored?

"Makeover" a Celebrity, Just for Fun

If you are bored and feeling like getting up to a little mischief, virtual mischief that is, go on over to the UK Hairdressers website. There among the great advice on shampoos and where to get a great haircut in the West End, you will find a tab called Celebrity Revenge.

Celebrity Revenge is an online program that allows anyone to perform a little "cosmetic surgery" on their favorite, or not-so-favorite celebrity. This is basically a virtual version of the moustache and glasses you see scribbled all over the faces of your not so favorite "friends" in your high school yearbook. Celebrity Revenge has dozens upon dozens of celebrity faces for you to play with. Stretching them here and compacting them there. Not a big fan of Jennifer Lopez's perfect face? Take a minute and see what she would look like with a little "elective surgery." Remember, the effect is best when you can still recognize the celebrity under the changes. Lots of tiny changes are more effective and much funnier than just a couple of big ones. You can find Celebrity Revenge at www.ukhairdressers.com/revenge

Of course, this is just for fun. Nobody should get overly excited or upset if they don't find their celebrity of choice here. And please, if you are the celebrity stalker type, work out your issues with your doctor, not on Celebrity Revenge.



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