Virtual Celebrity Makeover: Finding the Best Hairstyles

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How can I create a virtual celebrity makeover?

Virtual Celebrity Makeover: Finding the Best Hairstyles

Creating a virtual celebrity makeover can give you an idea of how the hottest styles will look on you. But before starting, it helps to have a few tips. Read on to learn more about creating a virtual makeover, and bringing the results into reality.

Select a virtual model. Most celebrity hair style web sites allow you to pick a virtual model. Or, you can scan in your picture for a more realistic effect.

Try Hairstyles. Once you've chosen your model, the virtual makeover starts to get fun. When trying on hairstyles, choose celebrities with a similar skin tone and eye color to achieve the best results.

Try it in the “real world.” Narrow your hairstyles down to a couple options, and print them. Then, visit your hairstylist to discuss which option will look best. Having a picture on hand often eliminates the communication gap that's common between hair stylist and client.



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